Disgraced cricketer vows return

Pakistan captain Salman Butt has said he is determined to resume playing
professional cricket despite spot-fixing allegations that are threatening to
end his career.

and pacemen Mohammad Asif and Mohammed Aamer were all provisionally suspended
by the International Cricket Council (ICC) following allegations they’d all conspired
in the bowling of deliberate no-balls as part of a betting scam during the
fourth Test against England at Lord’s in August.

three men, who all deny the allegations against them, face a hearing in Doha
next month that is set to determine their future in the game.

said in an interview he hoped suggestions he might never play top-class cricket
again were unfounded.

would certainly not like to think like that.

still remain positive and I know what I’m made of and where I’ve come from, and
how I’ve played my cricket. Believe me, it has been a lot of passion all
throughout my life.

love of the game has got me there and that love is bigger than anything, any
corrupt thing, which exists.”

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