Foster’s helps family centre

The Family Resource Centre will be better able to carry out its function thanks to the donation of a 12-seat van by Fosters Food Fair IGA, according to a government press release.

Foster’s Managing Director Woody Foster said the donation was made as part of the company’s 30th anniversary outreach. The donation follows a series of other charitable acts on the part of Foster’s, including a gift of some 1,500 school bags to schoolchildren and Department of Children and Family Services clients, and a donation of computers to the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre.

Minister of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing Mike Adam thanked Foster’s Food Fair for its support of community initiatives, saying: “We all know that government alone cannot achieve all that needs to be done in the society; we truly value the partnership we share with Fosters Food Fair IGA.”

Minister Adam noted the important role that the FRC plays in rebuilding the fabric of Cayman’s community, adding that the bus will enhance its ability to serve clients who are in need of transportation to and from the FRC.

The FRC was established last year through a merger of the Women’s Resource Centre, the Young Parents Programme and the National Parenting Programme. The facility is responsible to the Department of Counselling Services, which comes under the Ministry of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing.

Department of Counselling Services Deputy Director Donald Potkins said: “We take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Foster’s Group for its very generous donation of a van for the use of the programmes that are designed to assist families in the Cayman Islands.

“In these hard economic times it is uplifting to have one of our community leaders donate such a valuable tool to assist in the provision of a service for people in need. This vehicle will assist the FRC to provide services to those families and teen parents who have difficulty accessing these services due to transportation issues.”

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