Letters to the Editor: Now that the party’s over

Just before Christmas this year the
Government of the Cayman Islands invited all on Cayman that were unemployed and
wanted to be a part of the national cleanup programmed geared at making the
Island roadsides look nice and clean for the holiday season.

It also gave people a chance to get
rid of unwanted things around their houses or on their property. The cleanup
crews work as hard I guess as the ones in previous years, but this year they
were more workers. Now that the cleanup is done and workers that were part of
the cleanup have no more work to do and the party is over, what will Government
have to keep these once again unemployed people working? As we can see they are
all ready and willing to work; so willing that they will clean up all the dirty
garbage on the Islands so all that say that they are lazy are wrong. These
people need to be given a chance to be educated in many areas.

We bring outsiders here and pay
them a lot of money to drive up and down our Island in government cars
collecting fat salaries, in positions that Caymanians should have. And even our
Government does not want to hire Caymanians for these positions.

If they think they are spending our
money they had better wake up, for we are watching how the Government of this
country is spending and wasting our money on outsiders and for things that
don’t benefit us – Caymanians.

When will they put in place proper
training programmes that would put the Caymanians that need proper employment
in the positions that Government has so many outsiders in?

We, the people of the Cayman
Islands, that buy all these cars that the Government has outsiders driving can
be driven by Caymanians.

We are sick and tired of being
pushed aside, even by our own Government.

Remember, all that the governments
do is suppose to be for the people of these Islands and our Islands first. What
has happened? Have they all forgotten how poor we were only a few short years

Our Caymanian people are hurting
for betterment.

Things have gotten so bad people
are being attacked inside their home by robbers. What will they want to see
happen next?

If we do not get control of
unemployment and stop playing with words about it and get my people to work
earning proper money, it will only get worse for all on Cayman.

We cannot have outsiders here
sending home out of Cayman millions each month and Caymanians are here that can
do the work and keep that money here.

We have Caymanians losing their
homes, not being able to take proper care of their families and many worse
things are happening because my people are not given a chance to earn money.
Special notice to the present leader of our Government – take proper advice
from your people. United we stand, divided we fall. How much more do you want
our people to fall?

If you cannot do what is needed to
help your people, do what the leader of the Opposition did and step down or
help us get Cayman back on the right road. Start by putting our people first in
all jobs or positions.

For example, our borders should not
be protected by outsiders; they do not care; only want to be paid.

And the drugs and guns flow into
Cayman. Immigration, Customs and all key areas in this country should be under
the control of Caymanians, not some outsider’s security company, but by trained
Caymanians for those positions.

Just a few things that should be
looked into by our Government, so there should be no unemployed Caymanians.

Now that the parties are over, let
us all get back to work building a better Cayman and a better future.

Happy New Year to all

Emile S. Levy

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  1. I recall noticing in the past that just a few of the road cleaning crew were actually active and the majority of the crew were sitting along the roadside in the shade.
    The Friday Edition Classified section is filled with a vast selection of jobs with most of them specifically desiring Caymanians as a preference.
    Is it possible that the expats that are currently employed in positions that Cyamanians desire have not only been educated in a Globally Recognized university or college as well as acquired many years of diversified, practical experience either in North america or the UK that are required to work on Cayman however not available on Cayman?

  2. Emile

    Did you ever stop to think that one reason why expats may be in positions in government is because they were not born and raised here and are not related to or know everyone on Island and therefore can be impartial and make a decision based on facts and not be prejudicial?

    Caymanian police officers have been known to sweep things under the carpet / let things slide because they are related to or went to school with the offender.

    The majority of expats I know keep their money here, own homes, buy groceries here, etc. However, the government is kicking them out after 7 years. It would be stupid of them not to send money home for that day when the government hands them their hat and says dont let the door hit you on the way out.

    I work in a predominantly Caymanian department. I am the only one the works. The others in my department sit around and chat for 75% of the day and the other 25% they are out running errands on work time. No one says anything because they are Caymanians and the government / work permit board requires a certain number of Caymanians to be employed. So everyone suffers…the employers and the employees who do work.

    If Caymanians would get off their high horse and realise that having a job is not an entitlement / right, things may improve but until their attitude changes, they will continue to be in the same situation.