More talks needed before dump changes hands

Negotiations will start shortly to determine the next
step ahead of changes to Mount Trashmore, following the awarding of a contract
to a large waste-management company in the US, according to MLA Cline Glidden.

Mr. Glidden, the government representative responsible
for the landfill, said the awarding of the contract to Wheelabrator
Technologies Inc. to manage, own and operate a waste management facility for
Cayman is “just the first phase”. He said no date has been set for when the
company will take over the dump site from the Department of Environmental

“There is not a definite time frame because this is just
the first phase. This assessment was done to find a shortlist of companies with
the best technical expertise and experience to start detailed negotiations,”
Mr. Glidden said.

The government announced on Christmas Eve that of the 10 companies that bid
on the project,
Wheelabrator, a subsidiary of Waste Management Inc., the biggest garbage
collection company in the US, had submitted the winning bid.

on the [Central Tenders Committee] assessment, the technical committee will now
start negotiations to reach a contractual agreement based on financial and
commercial terms.

on what terms are successfully negotiated with the respective companies, then a
contractual arrangement will be entered into regarding the existing landfill
and future operations,” Mr. Glidden said.

contract is for 25 years, and it is renewable, according to the RFP.

request for proposals, which was issued in October, invited submissions to
provide a comprehensive solid waste disposal management facility and
waste-to-energy facility, as well as measures to enable recycling and to
produce green by-products, such as biofuels and composting. Companies that
submitted bids were also required to provide waste disposal management options
for the Sister Islands.

request for proposals stated that the preferred site for the waste management
facility is the current site of the George Town dump, which now receives 320
tonnes to 350 tonnes of waste each day.

to responses from the government to applicants, new solid waste management
legislation will be drawn up to deal
with regulations relating to the new waste facility.


  1. To hire an outside company to deal with Mt Trashmore is not needed. How to manage trash is easy, it just involves work. Dealing with garbage has been figured out a longtime ago.Let me add now Waste to energy, is a waste of energy will not pay .you do not need a study for this …Recycling is the only way to deal with trash. When you recycle it becomes instead of trash. At the end of the Day the bill from Waste management will be millions of dollars a month that could of been paid to local people.

  2. This is the whole problem with Cayman, so much time is spent talking about how you are going to do things that they never get done and the end result is that the problem grows (like the dump) and then you need to reconvene to talk some more about the problem and never actually do anything.

    Just do it already!

  3. Waste to Energy is a way out if the correct process is used. Burning the trash and then ash disposal is now a problem. Where to bury the Ash. The company slated to take over the Dump burns the trash, this is old technology. This technology being used is giving Gasification and Pyrolysis technology a bad name. People confuse these two to the burning that this company brings to the table. Gasification and or Pyrolysis has no ash, it has what we call Char left over. The Char is clean and safe to use in your yard as fill, but the Ash from Burning can not be used anywhere. Ash is a hazardes waste, the hazard is derived from burning trash.

  4. Hard to believe we all speak the same language…, winning bid, awarding of contract and then start detailed negotiations do not usually occur in that order! I have a strong feeling that the conversation will be in this position for years to come, and this problem will continue to grow beyond the ability to fix in any reasonable fashion.

  5. about 500 miles from here in St Lucie County Florida is where they plan to build a geo plasma plant (waste to energy )it is about 7 miles from my vacation home It will be the first plant in the US to use the new technology (There is a demo plant in japan)It will cost 100,s of millions to build and will vaporise hundreds of tons of material a day at full capacity it will consume all of the landfill material around florida in a few short years …that said Cayman has not enough material(or money) to feed this type of plant plant. IT WILL NEVER PAY
    The material we have on island can be incinerated with minimal exhaust and some energy can be made from it ..MOST will have to be recycled
    We could also collect some methane off the landfill BUT that would not get rid of the mountain nor the smell and will also cost many millions to do Furthermore our landfill was not properly designed to do this.IT WILL NEVER PAY..and trash will keep coming inand not solve anything ….
    What we can do is Start recycling everything NOW and Remove MT Trashmore one layer at time and recycle every bit of it. This is befor during and after we build a proper landfill /recycle facility.
    90% of All waste can be recycled that is a Fact
    The biggest problem is that it takes labor to sort and process material …..NOT much money and will cost the least ……NOT very high tech or fancy and its a dirty job

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