4 dogs poisoned in North Side


    An owner of four dogs in Old Man Bay says her pets were poisoned after a dish of food laced with poison was left out for the animals in her yard.

    Samm Gage made the difficult decision to put down the dogs on 2 January. All four consumed the poison, suspected to be the deadly herbicide paraquat, between 27 and 28 December.

    “The poison was in a dish of rice and beans,” she said.

    Ms Gage said she had taken a sample of the food to the Department of Agriculture for testing, but that vets at Island Veterinary Services who treated the dogs said the symptoms the dogs displayed were consistent with paraquat poisoning.

    Many dogs have fallen victim to paraquat poisoning in Cayman 
over the years.

    The Department of Agriculture used to import and sell the herbicide but no longer does so. However, it is not banned in Cayman and can be imported by other parties.

    Veterinaries say paraquat poisoning is nearly always fatal.

    Once ingested, paraquat attacks the kidneys and can cause irreparable damage, but most dogs die from the impact of the poison on the lungs.

    When used as directed, the herbicide is usually diluted to such an extent that it would not be fatal if ingested. Vets who have treated poisoned dogs say it is likely that dogs that have died as a result of eating paraquat were victims of deliberate poisonings.

    Ms Gage said her dogs, called Marley, Apple, Noodles and Teahupoo, had been in her ocean-side yard in Old Man Bay, where she has lived for two years, when they were poisoned.

    She had brought two of the dogs from Canada and had adopted the other two from the Cayman Islands Humane Society.


    The four pet dogs poisoned in North Side; from left, Noodles, Teahupoo, Apple and Marley.


    1. Samm! Im SO sorry this has happened!! Unbelievable. You should consider getting a bunch of people together to put up a large cash reward for information on whoever was responsible for this DISGUSTING act.

      Its a good thing I left and got my two dogs off that God-Forsaken rock when I did. Because truth be known, if Id gotten my hands on anyone who did that to MY babies? I would have shoved that poison right down their miserable throat, and not given it a second thought. End of story.

      The lives of those dogs were worth TEN TIMES the life of the miserable SOB who did this.

      And for those of you who want to remind me that the person who did this is still a human being?

      Im sick of that ridiculous statement.

      My dogs show more love, commitment and faithfulness than half the human beings on this planet, as Im sure Samms did.

      To the person(s) responsible for this?

      Youre absolutely despicable and revolting. The world would be a better place if people like you and ANYONE capable of doing something like this just dropped dead. I just hope that one day, the wrong person catches you doing this to their dogs. And, I hope theyre crazier than you. And, I hope theres not a cop in sight…..

    2. How very sad for you, Ms Gage, to lose your four wonderful dogs in such a terrible way! Please know that animal lovers in the Cayman Islands share your sorrow and wish you hearts ease. Pity one cant prepare rice and beans with paraquat for the poisoner of your dogs…

    3. Cruelty has cursed the human family for countless ages. It is almost impossible for one to be cruel to animals and kind to humans. If children are permitted to be cruel to their pets and other animals, they easily learn to get the same pleasure from the misery of fellow humans. Such tendencies can easily lead to crime. Fred A. Mc Gran, 1895

      Kindness to animals and respect for all life are the only meaningful foundation for a civilized world. Michael Mountain

      The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated Gandhi (1869-1948)

      I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter…the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal. And I was angry. God, I said, this is terrible! Why dont you do something? God was silent for a moment and then He spoke softly. I have done something, He replied. I created you. The Animals Savior Copyright Jim Willis 1999

    4. It is indeed a sick person who does something like this – I think a reward is appropriate because SOMEONE knows something about this. And it really is time for a supposedly civilized society like Cayman to put an end to this, one way or another. (jail time is also very appropriate) We have been putting up with this sort of thing for way tooi long.

    5. Samm from everyone back in Canada were very sorry for your loss and please dont ever forget that you are an amazing person keep your head up, I know it wont be easy but I am a strong believer in Karma and whoever did this will definitley get whats coming to them if its not directly than definitley indirectly somehow they will be punished. I have Pets myself and I would be devistated if some low life did that to my animals. I agree with many others on here that the pig who did this should rot in jail animals have no say and thats why this person attacked them because they couldnt defend themselves I hope the person who did this reads this they are a low life who they themselves are very weak and definitley need to get their head checked because no decent human being would do this to innocent animals. Samm I wanted to let you know that it was always a pleasure working with you and Im glad I had the opportunity to meet you.

    6. This is a sad reflection of one of the the worst aspects of small communities: inadequacy and hate is vented on animals (and sometimes people) who cannot defend themselves.

    7. Unacceptable human behavior. Start a reward fund. Find this person out and let justice be served the old fashion way. Send that message out to the low-life scum on this island and it will self correct.

      Our sympathy to Samm Gage. We will help with the reward fund. SC

    8. An absolute disgrace. My sincere sympathies to the owner.

      I am very sad to read this article; targeting such loyal and noble creatures, and obviously much loved companions is truly sickening.

      Shame on whoever committed this wicked act, a dose of Paraquat should be administered to them!

    9. Well, I believe in Karma, so hopefully the perpetrator of this disgusting act will have a fate similar to the defenseless pets he poisoned. Some people are utterly worthless and need to succumb to Murphys law and using up valuable space on earth.

    10. What a tragic story-this is murder-plain and simple and in America whoever commits a crime like this would be put away for a very long time. A reward fund should be organized so that the lowlife that did this can be brought to justice. I would happily contribute funds, as would other pet owners, to see this coward properly punished for this ghastly act. Again, so very sorry for your loss.

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