Highway robbery of drivers

I see the local detachment is actively filling its coffers before the end of the year.

Apparently the speed limit along the length of South Sound Road is 30mph – can I say ridiculous? People conducting a business or trying to commute this stretch of highway should not be made to suffer this almost walking speed.

And when pulled over for 10mph over the snail’s pace ruling, we are slapped a CI$100 fine. How stupid is that!

I suggest to the constabulary that they pull over the 25mph drivers that hold back everyone trying to get home in the evening rush, and give them a $200 fine for driving under the speed limit and making everyone behind them crazy.

Whilst I am venting – to the joggers on South Sound Road, can you please wear light clothing, possibly reflective, as it’s almost impossible to see anyone wearing black.

Phil Robinson


  1. thank you, about time someone speak out about driving too slow on these roads with all the cars, the police needs to start giving out tickets.

  2. Normally, those who drive too slow. Usually dont have insurance or a drivers license and figure if they drive slow, they wont be pulled over and get caught driving with no insurance or drivers licenses.

    So yes, they should start pulling those drivers that are not at least the speed limit.

  3. Yeah lets increase the limit and see how many more persons we can kill on the roads….awesome idea…last time I checked south sound for the most is quite a developed residential zone.

    Patience my friend.

  4. ChristmasTime – seriously?! Slow drivers cause just as many, if not more, accidents.

    I agree that slow drivers should be pulled up and ticketed the same as if they were speeding.

    Good letter Phil!

  5. Anyone who goes crazy following a vehicle, legally doing 25MPH needs to have their licence taken away from them.

    This is a speed limit – there is no minimum. South Sound Road is not a good road and has traffic entering and leaving it into various developments, Rugby Club, etc. and is well used by cyclists etc.

    Heres some facts for you:

    Hit by a car at 20 mph, 1 out of 40 pedestrian will be killed, 97% will survive
    Hit by a car at 30 mph, 2 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed, 80% will survive
    Hit by a car at 35 mph, 5 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed,50% will survive
    Hit by a car at 40 mph, 9 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed,10% will survive

    100 for driving at 40MPH….. If you slow down it wont happen again. In the meantime, if you continue to flout the law, I hope it isnt long before you get caught again.

    The Beachbum

  6. Beachbum where did you get your erroneous facts from? My friend was hit by a car at over 40mph and survived. Two broken legs, broken arm and serious concussion but survived. I used to work in a personal injury firm and therefor do know for a fact that your facts are incorrect.

    So you happily drive behind a Sunday driver on the bypass when you are in a hurry to meet a deadline and they are driving 40km instead of 40mph? I highly doubt it.

  7. Jumerirah,

    The facts come from the UK Department of Transport and are supported by those from the Australian Federal Office of Road Safety.

    These sources will do for me as they are verifiable and reviewed.

    Would I sit behind a car being driven at 40kph on the bypass? Well, it would depend what the speed limit for the bypass was (you dont bother to say) and whether it was safe to overtake if I could so so legally.

    The Beachbum

  8. The majority of South Sound Road is a built up residential area. There is probably about a 1km stretch of that road which is open – from Old Crewe Rd to the very large house on the beach side. I could imagine a 40mph limit on that stretch being just about workable (although the street lighting is not great), but elsewhere along the road I think 30mph is an appropriate speed limit.

    Id like to share a couple of other thoughts though:

    How much time do you imagine you will save on your journey by being allowed to drive 10mph faster down South Church Street? Id suggest it would be negligible.

    If the speed limit were increased to 40mph, by how much would you then consider it reasonable to break the new speed limit? You say you were caught breaking the existing limit by 10mph. Would 50mph become your new normal?

    Why would you want to increase traffic speed along a road where you acknowledge there are joggers who can be very difficult to see? Surely this is just adding to the risk of hitting these people.

    Finally (and in contrast to my points above) I can actually sympathise to some extent with your annoyance at being caught speeding. I saw the police hanging around outside Cayman Crossing a couple of times during the holiday period, hiding behind a tree pointing a radar gun at oncoming traffic. I dont think this is the best use of police resources; instead the police ought to focus on clamping down on other some of the more dangerous driving habits in Cayman (e.g. tailgating, ignoring roundabout protocol, neglecting to use indicators).

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