Police: Holiday traffic campaign a success

Dozens of drunk drivers were taken off the streets during the RCIPS Festive road safety campaign, according to Royal Cayman Islands Police officers.

Hundreds of traffic-related offences were detected and more than 50 arrests were made during the six-week operation between 22 November and 3 January.

The arrests were made in connection with offences such as disqualified driving, failing to stop, dangerous driving and DUI. Thirty-seven people were arrested for drink driving.

“This was a very successful operation and 37 drink drivers who decided that they would ignore all of our warnings now face court and the possibility that they will be fined and lose their licence,” said RCIPS Chief Inspector Angelique Howell.

Other notable figures from the traffic safety campaign included:

51 arrests, including 
the 37 for DUI

403 speeding offences detected

333 traffic tickets issued for various offences

215 traffic offences reported

286 breath tests conducted

128 police road blocks conducted

24 people found not to be wearing seatbelts

63 stop and search operations undertaken


  1. I am a little disappointed in the RCIPS and I hope I can offer some advice for Chief Inspector Howell and her colleagues:

    The Cayman Islands Traffic Law allows for any person driving a vehicle may be subject to a breath test is a Constable has reasonable cause to suspect that they have committed a moving traffic offence (amongst other things).

    Therefore I would expect every one of those ticketed for speeding plus a large proportion of those ticketed for other traffic offences to be breath tested. To have only tested 286 when 403 speeding offences (not to mention the other 333 traffic tickets) were detected suggests that this piece of legislation is not being used.

    Anyone who drinks and drives deserves everything they get and it is incumbent upon the RCIPS to do everything within their legal powers to catch them.

    By the way, to have 37 arrests from 286 tests is a very sad indictment on your lovely islands.

    The Beachbum

  2. I think another way to handle the DUI is:

    Have the bar owners resposible for taking keys and taxi fare from all customers who enter their premises
    Have owners install a breathalayser(spell check) and before key is handed over an over the limit test must be done ( I dont know if a macchine can have the result immediately available)
    If over the limit, the taxi driver gets the key and fare to take customer home.

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