Refs need new recruits to maintain high standards

The Cayman Islands Referees Association in collaboration with the Cayman Islands Football Association will be conducting a basic referee course commencing 25 January to 2 February.

The referees’ association is looking for people interested in becoming certified referees and assistant referees to officiate in local football matches.

Basically, referees perform a vital role in the global sport of football, ensuring safety, fairness, equality and enjoyment. With the growth in football’s popularity, particularly among women and the youth, the demand for officials is always increasing.

Joining the ranks of local referee organisation is an opportunity to reach the FIFA International panel of referees. This course is open to all interested men and women from the age of 16 who maintain a reasonable fitness level.

Classroom sessions will be administered on 25, 26, 27 and 31 January. Revision will be conducted on Tuesday 1 February and the theory exam will be done on Wednesday 2 February.

All sessions are scheduled to run between 6:30pm and 8:30pm each day at the George Town Primary School.

For registration please send 
an e-mail to [email protected] 
or call 924-0825, 926-1868 or 
949-5775 or contact any referee.