New year, new rules

It is a New Year and an opportunity to do it better. 2011 you are here and so are we so here goes!

The ball has dropped, Auld Lang Syne has been sung and the resolutions made. This year I want you to expect a lot but also be prepared to give a lot.

All of the cliché sayings are not just cliché, they are proven track record stuff; “the early bird gets the worm, the tortoise outruns the hare, no pain; no gain”, are all examples of the way to succeed. If it is weight that you want to lose then don’t be like me and expect the bicycle to come get you out of the bed to ride it.

Fortunately for me I do not have a weight problem so I can joke like that, but if you want to lose weight then you don’t have that luxury. And don’t forget to look at the five pounds that you have lost and make a big deal about it because sometimes we are so busy looking for the 50 pounds that we want to lose and then become depressed that we actually don’t even realise that we have accomplished something and we then give up when had we stayed the course, there could have been five more pounds and so on and so on.

Ladies are you looking for the man of your dreams this year? And you want him to have a good job, make lots of money, have no kids or babies mamas in the shadows yet you don’t have a good job, or lots of money but some babies daddies in the shadows. Now how fair is that? What we expect from someone we must always be prepared to come equipped with.

In other words, we have to have what we want from someone else if we want to be able to demand it and not settle for less or at least be trying to achieve it ourselves instead of trying to find someone who already has it. If we want people to have good manners then we have to have good manners. If we expect people to have good values then we need to have good values. And if we want people to have a job, then please be working.

If you don’t remember anything else for the year 2011 then please remember this, stop putting a price tag on yourself but also stop giving yourself away. Here is a new year and a new outlook. You can buy your own clothes and get your own hair done, you do not need someone to do those things for you and in the end control your every move.

And if you can do all of those things for yourself then you don’t need some joker to be driving around in your car checking out the sites while you are at work. You are not for sale but you are not for free!

Parents, everyone wants their kids to do well in school yet everyone doesn’t have time to help with their kid’s homework or don’t get home in time to fix them dinner or give them a hot breakfast before school starts or even make school reporting sessions. If you can’t be there, make sure someone is there in your place that is doing that job; someone you trust.

And men just treat us no differently than you would the queen; we deserve it and if you meet a woman who doesn’t then run, far and fast because she is going to drag you down very quickly. We smell nice, we talk nice, we walk nice, we cook nice, we dance nice and by George we feel nice, so we deserve good treatment and there is no debate on this subject.

And you deserve for us to reciprocate this treatment. Give a lot but expect a lot. And stop counting, just do and if everyone concentrates on what they should be doing and giving then everyone else will be fine. The problem is that we often watch the other person too much and since they aren’t giving, then we start counting or we just stop giving. Imagine if God were like that to us. Hmm, just a thought.

For years all we have wanted was a magic wand to solve all of our problems, to just wave it and poof they are all gone and we will then be deliriously happy! Oh and when you get that wand can you please pass it on to me and then I will pass it on to others and we can all live happily ever after just like in the fairy tales. But this is no fairy tale, this is real life and the magic wand is our mind and our soul and our heart and the power we hold in it. We have the power so this year just tap into it and give it all you’ve got.

If you are unemployed and want to work then take whatever comes your way looking like productive honest living and just do it. Do it to the best of your ability armoured with a lovely smile and I promise you, things will start looking up because attitude is everything.

You want a relationship? Then stop grabbing the last person standing and you may just be available for the right one when he or she comes along.

You want to lose weight then stop putting garbage that you know is not good into your body and get up and do something about it.

You want another book written and published, then stop writing columns and get to work on it.

We have 12 months to go; so ready, set and we’re off! The gun has shot off signalling that it is time to get moving. You want a lot this year then be prepared to give a lot.

Safe travels and good luck. And then tell me how your week is going at [email protected]