Scrap metal goes out to bid again

For the fifth time since 2007, the government has issued tender bid invitations to remove scrap metal from Mount Trashmore.

A notice posted in Tuesday’s Caymanian Compass calls for interested contractors to submit bids to buy, process and remove the scrap metal from the George Town landfill, as well as from the dumps in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Last August, Island Builders in association with US company Resource Exchange of America, won a bid to remove the remaining metal debris from the dump, but that deal fell through after the venture between the two companies was not completed.

The companies had offered a bid of $36.16 per ton.

The other two bidders for that contract were Cardinal D Ltd, which had removed 6,000 tons of scrap metal from the landfill, for $50 a ton, under a separate tender bid contract last April, and Bruce Young, a former co-owner of Matrix, a Caymanian-Canadian company that the government sacked in 2007 for failing to fulfil its contract.

Mr. Young’s bid, which was the highest of the three bids, was disqualified, and the Central Tenders Committee opted for Island Builders’ second highest bid of $36.16 per ton.

The latest tender bid invitation closes on 4 February. Details of the tender bid can be found on the Central Tenders Committee website.

Among the estimated 8,000 metric tons of scrap remaining at the George Town dump are loose, unprocessed or semi-processed appliances, derelict vehicles, fuel tanks, tyre rims, metal furniture, fixtures and construction debris.

After the Matrix contract was cancelled in September 2007, the government put out two tender bid invitations that no qualified contractors responded to. That was followed by a third tender bid which was won by Cardinal D. The fourth tender ended unsuccessfully due to the conflicts between Island Builders and its partner Resource Exchange of America.

The latest tender bid invitation closes on 4 February.