Young joins elite

Courtney Young, Cayman Islands top cricket umpire, has moved up into the big league.

The International Cricket Council has appointed Young to the Associates and Affiliates Elite Umpiring Panel. This panel is the second highest of officials after the Test panel. His recognition is welcome news having represented the Cayman Islands for a number of years in various countries and ICC tournaments.

Cayman Islands Cricket Association’s president Courtney Myles said: “Mr. Young has displayed excellent leadership qualities in leading the local umpiring association for the past 15 years building the organisation into a respected group of officials.

“On the playing field his outstanding attire, rapport with the players and other officials and excellent judgments in performing his duties have been properly recognised. We wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him continue with excellence at the next level.”

Cricket association technical director Theo Cuffy said: “This opportunity has come after many years of perseverance. He has shown outstanding qualities earning the respect of his peers and players across the cricketing world.

“From Australia, Malaysia, Bermuda and many other countries his vast knowledge of the rules and regulations and his interpretations of them have gained him many admirers.

“Our great sport can only become greater through the recognition of the many volunteers. Courtney has given his time and knowledge to the development of cricket in the Cayman Islands and throughout the ICC Americas region.

“Now it’s the turn of the rest of the world to see the talents of this small cricketing nation as he takes control at another level. Congratulations 
Mr. Umpire.”