Letters to the Editor: Dogs are mankind’s gift from God

After reading the sad and shocking story about the four poisoned dogs, perhaps we need a reminder as to who and what the dog is to us.

Quite simply, the dog is God’s gift to mankind. Of all the creatures on God’s Earth, there is not one other like the dog in its bond with man, woman and child.

No matter who you are – rich or poor, black or white, high born or humble – you can have a dog that will love you, serve you, protect you and yours and be your faithful companion to its last breath; who asks little in return and is ever devoted and true.

From the time of the cave and the fire pit, the dog has been with us, steadfast and loyal. This is not a coincidence and is not just an accident of history. I would venture to say God himself has a dog.

As the editorial in a recent edition of the Caymanian Compass points out, education is the key to learning and knowing how to treat our canine companions. Such a living gift from God, as with all beneficial gifts, should be treated with common respect, with proper insight and with simple gratitude.

As to the faithless sneak that poisoned and killed those four dogs, it is a fair bet that person is also cruel in other ways and is known by at least one other person, who knows who he is and what he has done. To you who takes life so cruelly, can you give life so readily? Not a sparrow falls from the sky that He does not note.

Michael James