Tunisia government faces more trouble

Tunisian prosecutors have opened an
investigation into foreign assets of toppled President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali
and his family, reports say.

It will examine possible illegal
transactions and foreign bank accounts, the official TAP news agency reported.

The move came as Swiss officials
ordered a freeze on any funds held there by Mr Ben Ali.

The UN said it had received reports
of 100 deaths in the unrest, and said it would investigate.

UN High Commissioner for Human
Rights Navi Pillay said: “My office has received information concerning
more than 100 deaths over the last five weeks, as a result of live fire, as
well as protest suicides and the deadly prison riots at the weekend.”

Tunisia’s Interior Minister Ahmed
Friaa said o78 people had been killed in the unrest.

On Wednesday, hundreds of
protesters took to the streets again in the Tunisian capital, urging allies of
the ousted president to stop clinging to power.

“This will continue every day
until we get rid of the ruling party,” said Faydi Borni, a teacher.

“We got rid of the dictator
but not the dictatorship. We want rid of this government that shut us up for 30

As the political turmoil continues,
Tunisia’s national unity cabinet is reported to have postponed its first

Ministers in the new interim
government are currently discussing how to resolve deep divisions over the
inclusion in key posts of members of the former government.

Mr Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia on
Friday following a spate of violent protests across Tunisia over unemployment,
poverty and corruption.

Four opponents of Mr Ben Ali quit
the new unity government within a day of being appointed, in protest at the
number of ministers from the old regime who were still included.