Online Poll: Running, jogging are favourites

By a very slim margin, running and jogging were the favourite form of exercise for respondents to last week’s online poll.

Of the 424 respondents, 90 of them – 21.2 per cent – said running and jogging are their exercise of choice.

“Although running on the island stinks due to lack of suitable trails and having to risk life running on roads with Cayman’s drivers,” said one person.

“Too bad there’s no place to run and walk safely anymore,” said someone else. “What ever happened to the runner’s track Alden promised when he decided the Truman Bodden Sports Centre would no longer be opened to the public?”

Cycling/spinning was a close second among respondents, with 88 people – 20.8 per cent – saying it was their favourite exercise.

“Running or cycling is great, but mutual respect between athletes and traffic is always needed,” said one person. “Perhaps this should be considered in future road and town planning. Some dedicated recreational lanes could allocated like many other cities now have. Imagine if there had been a seven-mile boardwalk or promenade for everyone to use, instead of seven miles of condos. Having said that, cycling around east end is amazing, and hope it stays that way.”

“It’s a great form of exercise and you meet some very nice people, when riding in a group,” said someone else.

Fifty-one people – 12 per cent – said weight machines/free weights were their favourite form of exercise.

“You forgot to include the combo option of endurance and strength training,” said one person.

For the first time ever in a online poll, the largest segment of respondents answered “other” to the question, with 138 people – 32.6 per cent – choosing that option. More than 50 of those people said walking was their favourite form of exercise.

“You missed out all the walkers in Cayman who aren’t jogging and definitely aren’t running,” pointed out one person.

“I walk along South Sound Road every morning and watch the sun rise,” said someone else. “It’s one of the island’s best-kept secrets, that walk; no traffic that time of day, a great breeze off the Sound and friendly waves from fellow walkers (eight or so regulars).”

“Walking on the beach,” said another person.

Other forms of favourite exercises mentioned by respondents included swimming, pilates, dancing, diving, snorkelling, aerobics, cross training, gardening, roller blading, yoga, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, squash, tennis, team sports, sex and boot camp.

“Elbow curls at the bar,” said one person.

Only 57 people – 13.4 per cent – said they don’t exercise.

“I like lounging in the easy chair with the TV remote,” said one person. “Ha ha.”

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