Pelican’s Reef worth the drive

How often do you drive out to the eastern districts? Once a week? Once a month? Once a year? It may be a small island, but it is surprising how rarely some of us stray from our neighbourhoods to explore a change of scenery.

East End is an excellent representation of true Caribbean living – from colourful homes that overlook glistening seas, to a leisurely community of people who embrace the quiet of their surroundings. I spent the day there not too long ago, and I can honestly tell you it is worlds apart from the bustle of George Town and Seven Mile Beach.

The Reef Resort in East End can be just one of your stops as you make your way around, and there you’ll find their restaurant, Pelican’s Reef.

As you would expect, the restaurant is decked out in bright colours with beautiful views of the beach and sea. The menu definitely favours the seafood lover, with Red Conch Chowder, Crab Cake, Coconut Shrimp, Catch of the Day (fish, not green iguana) and of course the Caribbean Spiny Lobster Tail, but you’ll also find your steak, grilled chicken breast and (a local favourite) Jerk Chicken with the trimmings, along with a selection of pasta dishes.

A feather in the Reef’s cap is the legendary Barefoot Man playing on Tuesday and Thursday nights, where you can enjoy a set dinner menu and entertainment for a very reasonable price. They call him Cayman’s answer to Jimmy Buffett, but really he stands as an artist in his own right with many original witty songs written over an impressive career.

Don’t want to drive back to George Town? Stay overnight so you can linger a little longer. If you can’t get off the island to recharge your batteries, an evening at Pelican’s Reef and East End may be just what the doctor ordered!