Letters to the Editor: Opportunity to boost industry

This recent purchase by Dart
Management of the Marriott abandoned property is an excellent move and despite
some criticism a more positive view coming from the public would be more
helpful to our society at this time in our country’s history.

Hopefully there are plans being put
in place in consideration of employment for those 2,000-plus individuals that
are out of work who should could be given the opportunity to train for various
positions in the hospitality industry.

An excellent idea of investment for
Dart to consider is to transform this property into a model hotel training
school while at the same time maintain and build a reputation as a world class
tourist Caribbean resort.

Perhaps a portion of the  property could even be reserved for resident
hotel staff or student living quarters as well. There’s definitely great

Consider  good working partnerships like Jackson
Memorial Hospital together with the University of Miami, which provides world
class state of the art medical services to individuals globally. Perhaps Dart
Management would consider engaging in a partnership for human resources
training and development with the Cayman Islands Government Labour Office in
providing  hospitality training and
keeping our people employed in the hotel industry, which can only yield
positive results, help reduce poverty and crime, at the same time placing a
considerably huge dent into the 
unemployment situation presently existing.


Florence Goring-Nozza


  1. Excellent idea, Ms. Goring-Nozza.

    I might knock heads with you when we dont agree but I give credit and respect where it is due.

    A truly wonderful suggestion for the re-start of a great hotel that can spell a new beginning for some Caymanians to kick-start new careers in the hospitality industry and show that they have the ability and want to work.

    Good luck with your suggetion and lets hope its taken up by the new owners.

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