Renovated thrift shop reopens

The Cayman Islands Red Cross Thrift
Shop opened its doors Tuesday to a huge crowd of shoppers eager to explore the
newly renovated and expanded space.

The ambience of the shop is
aesthetically pleasing, with freshly painted walls, new shelves, new tiles, new
clothing racks, better lighting and a new cashiers’ counter for easier
shopping. New merchandise range from televisions to stuffed dolls to furniture
and clothing.

Whether shoppers just stopped in to
see what the place looked like, or to cash in on bargains, all were impressed
by what has been done to the shop.

The renovations, which were a long
time in coming, said shop manager Remedios Imperial, makes the place looks much
better, and customers have more space to shop.

“I was absolutely pleased with the
public’s response.  I expected the shop
would have a huge crowd for the grand opening…the place was just jam-packed
with people and many more were waiting on the outside to get in,” she said. “There
is more space for shoppers to move around freely. It’s airy, clean and prices
are just about basically the same.

“The Thrift Shop is grateful to the
many volunteers who gave of their time and to Woods Furniture and Designs’
interior designer Kay Myers for her help and the tiles provided,” she added.

The Red Cross is also celebrating
its 50th anniversary and the Thrift shop is offering shoppers the chance to win
a shopping spree valued at $100 with no purchase necessary. Just go to the
shop, pick up a form, fill out your name and answer the two questions at the
bottom of the ticket for a chance to win. 

The Thrift Shop has been in
existence for years and offers the public reasonable prices on its goods. All
items in the shop have been donated, and the public continues to provide new
items each day. Prices have not changed drastically at the shop.

“Before we had in place a range
pricing, now there is fixed pricing with labelling on the racks,” said Ms
Imperial. “Long-sleeve men’s shirts, which sold between $1.50-$3, now sell at
$2. Baby items are around the same price and furniture and some other household
goods are priced on condition.”

The Thrift shop is to the side of
the Red Cross building on Thomas Russell Way. Opening hours are 8am to 2.30pm
and 5-7pm Tuesday through Friday, and 7.30am to 1.30pm on Saturday. The mobile
express will be in Bodden Town on Saturday, 29 January.

Thrift Shop

Bargain hunters’ cash in on goods at Cayman Islands Red Cross newly renovated Thrift Shop.
Photo: Jewel Levy