Realities come through in art

A blend of realist and expressionist art is promised from a new exhibit starting Wednesday, 2 February.

Journey runs through the whole of the month at Full of Beans Cafe, Pasadora Place, and features the work of upcoming local artist Kerwin G. Ebanks.

“The exhibit is themed after travels in times gone -1950s, ‘60s. It is a bit difficult to explain, but one can expect to enter an arrivals lounge,” explains Kerwin.

The emerging artist was born and reared in Cayman and works full-time as an art teacher. He tells Weekender that Journey represents his entry – or re-entry – into the local arts scene with an awareness of what his journey is to be. Of late it’s been a tricky road at times, he admits.

“For about the past seven years I had many false starts, certainly with passion but no focus, thus being easily distracted by many other endeavours. I finally decided to take up painting seriously in May 2010.

“I set my goal – to create a body of work to show a repertoire of skills – and that was my destination. I began to list titles of pieces, get creative with ideas and keep a journal. This was to be my direction.”

Expanding horizons

Journey is the artist’s first solo show and represents a culmination of efforts from Kerwin, who says that he may include some of his older pieces in acrylic and oils. Previously, he has exhibited at the Gallery, Ritz-Carlton, along with other artists in the Summer 101 exhibition; in November 2010 his work could be found alongside that of Lorna Reid at Vid Boutaire Lounge.

The show’s opening night begins at 5.30pm with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine available to buy, adds Kerwin, who notes that artists must continually look to expand their horizons creatively and find new ways of looking at the world.

“I believe one of the biggest challenges in Cayman, since it such a small community with so many visual artists, is to create fresh material or reinvent for the sake of originality and distinction as an artist.”