Students’ visit 
is eye-opening

Thursday was an eye-opening day for 26 Bodden Town Primary School Year 4 students visiting their Adopt-a-Class sponsor, Lenscrafters.

The field trip gave students the opportunity to learn about the business, the process in which eye glasses are made and to later write a story as part of their literacy programme.

After a short welcome by owners Dena and Gary Bernard, students were led into the processing room to meet laboratory optician Ian Wright. Mr. Wright shared his knowledge on eyeglass lenses, the manufacturing, materials used, designs, blocking, polishing and bevelling.

After witnessing how that part of the process was carried out, students met with eye specialist Joanna Soutter. She explained the process of conducting eye examinations, prescribing glasses and contact lenses, and diagnosing some eye diseases.

Students read the eye the charts and were all given high markings on having good eye sights to the laughter of everyone. When it came time to choosing the perfect frame and fittings, everyone wanted to be the subject.

Mrs. Bernard said she was thrilled to see the schoolchildren taking notes and asking questions. “I decided to sponsor the children, especially on the field trip to let them come and see first-hand what optometry is all about and maybe get them interested in the job as a possible career.”

The Adopt-A Class programme partners with the community to buy resources for the classrooms and thus provide consistent support in teaching aids and materials for teachers and students.

The programme also gives students the opportunity to discover what these companies do and what it takes to become a successful businessperson.

With a donation of $250 or more per year, donors can choose the programme of their choice to support.

Anyone interested in participating can contact Mr. Davis at 916-5495.


Cayman Lenscrafter laboratory optician Ian Wright shows students an eye glass lens.
Photo: Jewel Levy

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