Cayman braces for World Cup

The World Cup may have taken place last summer. But the Cayman Islands is getting its second taste of the world’s biggest football spectacle this weekend.

Kings Sports Centre hosts the 2011 World Cup of indoor football. The Logic arena sees nine teams taking part today Friday 4 February (6.30pm to 10.30pm), Saturday 5 February (12.30pm-7pm) and Sunday 6 February (12.30pm-5.30pm). All of the matches will be streamed live on

Cayman will have two teams (Team Parsons and Team Kelly) and take on seven other nations in Canada, Costa Rica, England, Honduras, Ireland, Scotland, United Republic of Africa. To be clear the teams are represented by current players in the Logic five-a-side football league. The World Cup (which has been ongoing for three years) effectively serves as a preseason tournament as the 2011 football leagues start later this month.

Much of the focus will be on team Honduras, who are the defending champions. Immer Carter returns as the captain of the side and states his side is ready for this weekend’s games.

“I am looking for the tournament to be a lot more competitive this year,” Carter said. “By saying that, us being the biggest target as defending champions. I’m expecting to play one of the Cayman teams. Yes I am nervous about the level of competition but I’m more confident this time around.”

Out of all of the teams Cayman might have the most pressure. The tournament is effectively on home court and numerous players, such as Ian Lindo and Justin Pierre, take part in the island’s premier league. Cayman made the finals in its first year and got to the semi-finals last season. Don Parsons, one of the team captains, states Cayman is not bothered by expectations.

“This time around we’re looking forward to seeing new countries participating as this brings different cultures and skills together making it more competitive and exciting,” Parsons said. “I wouldn’t say we’re nervous. I would say we’re very anxious to play again and try to make it further than we did last year.

“Who will be in the finals? To be fair I would say the two teams who have played the best football and wanted it the most. Hopefully our team is one of them.”

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