Cayman Prep’s green project

Cayman Prep students Emma Turnbull
and Romilly Miller, both 11, explained the Year 6 students’ Disney Planet Challenge

The project

Cayman Prep’s Year 6 students are
taking part in the Disney Planet Challenge, the environmental competition run
by Disney, and the winners get to spend the day on a Disney cruise ship.

Class 6B are doing their topic on
car pollution.

They will be having a carpooling
day on 3 February.

Not only will that be happening,
but on the 3rd there will also be an assembly that explains how you can help to
protect the environment in Cayman.

“Car pollution is not very good for
air, so it’s not healthy for people,” Emma said. “I think car pollution is
harmful for the earth and must be stopped.”

“I think car pollution is harmful
because of the greenhouse gases that it produces,” added Javid, another Cayman
Prep 6B student.

Did you know?

The problem of car pollution has
been ignored for 40 years.

29,200 people are killed each year
because of car pollution.

That is 80 deaths a day.

Seven out of 10 children in Mexico
will never hit there growth spurt because of the harmful effects of car
emissions on their health.

How you can help

If someone is going the same way as
you then give them a lift.

If you live close to the
supermarket then walk, don’t drive. Then you don’t have to go to the gym.

“Using your car less and carpooling
is good for the environment because it causes less pollution,” confirmed Kaya,
one of the other Cayman Prep 6B students.

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