Education Ministry lays out its new stabilisation plan

Principals and teachers from all
government schools in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac were the first audiences for
the launch of the government’s Education Stabilisation Plan.

The plan sets out the vision,
strategic objectives and actions that are guiding efforts to improve and bring
a sense of stability to the government education system.

In his address to educators,
Education Minister Rolston Anglin noted that the plan aims to document both the
priorities identified by educators for improving the system, and how they are
being addressed.

“This plan documents the choices we
made since 2009, after consultation with teachers, students, parents and other
education stakeholders,” he said. “It responds to the many pressing needs and
challenges, and aims to create a stable foundation for further work.”

According to Mr. Anglin, the
further work includes development of a national strategic plan for education,
which will build on the stabilisation plan, and take a longer-term perspective.

The plan sets out four broad
priority areas to enhance leadership and governance, student performance and
skills for work readiness, and to improve and expand early childhood care and

Mr. Anglin emphasised that the plan
is important to set the strategic direction for the system, and to ensure all
stakeholders were clear about “where we are, where we are going and why.”


“It’s also about accountability,”
he explained. “(It’s) about documenting the choices you are making, explaining
what you are trying to achieve and setting time lines. That’s something that
has been lacking in previous efforts at reform.”

Every educator in the government
system received copies of the plan, which is in draft format, to allow for

Also distributed were copies of an
education progress report that documents progress made since 2009 toward the
plan’s priorities.

Further progress reports are to be
forthcoming in six-month intervals.

In closing, Mr. Anglin noted: “Our
challenge is to build, implement and support an education system that creates
citizens who can contribute to the economic and social growth of the Cayman
Islands. We are not going to see the benefits of these new programmes tomorrow,
but we’re about to embark on something that will be meaningful and exciting and
that will have a profound impact. We are creating a new legacy for education
that will be looked at in the future as the start of something incredibly special.”

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