‘Brothers’ enjoy snorkelling trip from beach to Kittiwake wreck

The sinking of the Kittiwake has brought attention from divers and snorkellers of all ages.

That’s something that was proved with a lot of good nature by young Alex Richardson, a 10 year old who – in the company of Big Brother Gerardo Ochoa – swam over the 800 yards from West Bay Public Beach to snorkel the attraction.

“It felt great to be the first kid that I know of to swim to the Kittiwake, it’s the first ship I’ve ever swam to. I thought the Kittiwake was really cool because it’s huge and we could see the different parts of the ship,” commented the youngster.

Aside from his love of swimming, Alex likes to buy toy cars, meet other kids, visit the Humane Society Book Loft with his mum and spend time with his ‘big brother’, Gerardo Ochoa.

Role model

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organisation is a volunteer programme based on the premise that a one-on-one friendship with a caring adult can provide the support a child needs to grow and mature in a positive way.

“The Big Brother/Big Sister programme is really great because my big brother Gerardo is lots of fun and I do things with him that I don’t do with my dad,” said Alex, who is a student at East End Primary School.

Mr. Ochoa, is employed as a professor of medicine at St. Matthews University. He said that the Big Brothers Big Sisters programme gives the opportunity to provide a positive role model.

The snorkelling adventure came from a conversation between the big and little brothers one day, he said.

“One day I thought it was a long swim from the shore but do-able; I talked about it with Alex and he said he could do it and he was right, as you can see.”

You can view the video on youtube:
Alex, conqueror of the Kittiwake! 
More information on the Big Brothers Big Sisters programme is available online at: http://www.bbbs.ky


Gerardo Ochoa swam with Alex Richardson, 10. from the West Bay Public Beach to snorkel the Kittiwake.
Photo: Submitted

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