Hitler ‘top trump’ game under in-vestigation


The German makers of a card game
based on history’s worst dictators have been threatened with legal action over
Adolf Hitler.

The Top Trumps-style game, called
Tyrannen (or Tyrants, in English) is made up of 32 cards of murderous despots
from the 20th century.

The pack includes Josef Stalin,
Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin and Franco and each card contains facts about
them, such as when they came to power and an estimate of how many people they

But now the makers, Weltquartett,
are being investigated by prosecutors in Nuremberg over the use of the swastika
on the Hitler card.

The Nazi is named as the top trump,
or “Der Blitztrompf”, in the children’s game.

German law states that the infamous
Third Reich sign is a “symbol of an unconstitutional organisation”
and cannot be displayed anywhere in public.

The symbol is only half visible on
the card but last week one of the $14 packs on sale at toy fair in the German city
was seized by police.

The game has been on sale since
2008 but officers are now investigating whether it is breaking the law.

Tyrannen splits the leaders into
the regions of the world they came from and the aim of the game is to collect
matching groups, eg. Asia or Africa.

The person with no tyrants in their
hand is declared the winner.

In the traditional game the cards
might feature cars or military weapons such as tanks and planes.

But Jurgen Kittel and Jorg Wagner,
the men behind Weltquartett, have also created versions of the game with drugs
and diseases of the world as the themes.

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