RCIPS punts on Tempura complaint

complaint filed with the police professional standards unit in 2009 that
claimed investigators with the former Operation Tempura team were ignoring
criminal complaints brought to them has been closed by the Royal Cayman Islands
Police Service.

to John Evans, a police witness in the misconduct and corruption investigation,
two of Tempura’s former top investigators essentially     refused to do their jobs.

Tempura was a two-year long probe of alleged misconduct within the police
service that ended up spreading into the local judiciary. No criminal
convictions were obtained following two trials; one of a former Legislative
Assembly member and another which involved a still-suspended deputy police

Investigating Officer] Martin Bridger and [Inspector] Richard Coy…received
details of alleged criminal activities but, because of personal involvement
with the subject of those allegations…failed to either investigate the
allegations or pass them on to another officer,” the complaint filed by Mr.
Evans read.

‘subject’ of Mr. Evans claims, newspaper publisher Desmond Seales, died in
July. The Caymanian Compass has never reported the specific nature of Mr.
Evans’ allegations for legal reasons.

sent to Mr. Evans from RCIPS Chief Inspector Harlan Powery on Thursday indicated
that the police professional standards unit had ended the complaint without
taking any action.

has closed the investigation into your complaint; due to the fact the
individuals you complained of are no longer members of the RCIPS,” wrote Mr.
Powery. “In addition, both Mr. Coy and Mr. Bridger have long since departed our

Powery then thanked the complainant for bringing the matter to the RCIPS’

Bridger and Mr. Coy, along with several other officers from the UK Metropolitan
Police force in London came to the Cayman Islands at various times between late
2007 and early 2008 to assist in a complex investigation that first involved
claims of an improper relationship between a local newspaper publisher and a
deputy police commissioner. After those allegations were proved to be
unfounded, investigators moved into a spin off investigation that led to the
temporary removal of three top police commanders. 

two British officers were initially seconded from the UK Met force, but later
were among four investigators employed as special constables of the Royal
Cayman Islands Police Service and were paid from local government coffers.

for comment about the RCIPS’ decision, Mr. Evans said: “I’m surprised that the
RCIPS has dropped it, considering the complaint Mr. Bridger has filed with the
Foreign and Commonwealth Office.”

Bridger, and former Operation Tempura legal advisor Martin Polaine, filed a
complaint last year that alleged that certain ‘misbehaviour’ had occurred
during the investigation amongst members of the UK foreign office, the local
judiciary, and the attorney general’s office.

Duncan Taylor has since declared that allegations against the judiciary made by
Mr. Bridger (Mr. Polaine has since dropped the complaint) were unfounded. Mr.
Taylor has said there are still matters being reviewed in connection with the
complaint and that he intends to make the full issue public at the appropriate



  1. Firstly, can I just thank everyone in the Cayman Islands, including the friendly immigration officers at Owen Roberts Airport who processed my arrival and all the other people who I was in contact with, for a great stay on Grand Cayman to celebrate my 60th birthday last Sunday. Things may have changed since I left but the diving is still great (Kittywake is brilliant), the weather is perfect, people are friendly and you can still hang out at night in safety.

    Getting back to this story, Im back in the UK now and the first thing that needs to be clarified is that the PSU are legally on very thin ice here. I have copied the reply to the Governors office and will be filing a complaint with my Member of Parliament. I live in the neighbouring constituency to the OT Minister Henry Bellingham so Im asking that it goes directly to him.

    While on-island I had a very interesting (and totally unprompted – I was on vacation not trying to dig up dirt – approach from people claiming to be familiar with the unpublished part of the Bridger complaint. Broadly, (and for legal reasons Im not going into details) the suggestion is that what he was trying to investigate seems to mirror a lot of unsubstantiated, and mostly malicious, rumours that were being fed to Cayman Net News when I worked there. If thats true I can understand the reluctance to release any details because some important people are named.

    The best way to sum up what I was told is that Operation Tempura failed to dig up any real corruption in the RCIPS so the SIO wanted to expand the fishing exercise in the hope of turning up something that would justify the amount of money being spent and was told he couldnt do it.

    If this is wrong I apologise but until the actual complaint is made public that is what people are saying.

  2. Why is it that the English RCIP are always cleared while our Cayman Police remain in limbo and uncompensated? Governor Duncan if you are really setting things straight they you are going to bring back Mr. Burmon Scott and Mr. Rudolph Dixon who were not convicted of any wrongdoing. also they should be greatly compensated.

    We have other problems that need to be fixed continue reading:

    Cayman Dangerous Criminals are committing blatant crimes not because people are afraid to report them BUT BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO FEAR.

    Even the Governor and the L.a. including the premier all seems to take itl lightly too as they are either well guarded and dont care about the rest of us or they UNDERESTIMATE THIS NEW BREED OF CRIMINALS WHO WILL ONE DAY COME AFTER THEM TOO! IT WILL BE TOO LATE THEN TO ACT, the time is now to call in some special forces to get rid and round up these criminals, put them away for good, deport those who are foreign and have Cayman Status stripping them of Cayman Status by REVOKING IT, they do not belong here. Foreign and Cayman gunmen need to be out of our way permanently.

    Remedy:Prison and DEPORTATION for Status holders and AND PRISON FOR LIFE to the Caymanians.

    Governor, if you are worthy of respect then you need to stop playing pals with Mr. Baines and get a commissioner in that seat that can protect you as well as the rest of us. Its time you act as governor and take some responsibility for what is happening to our country. Cayman is getting a stink name since this new regime. Show us that you are not a part of it.

    TOO MUCH BAD PUBLICITY for a little country that has only two major Industries Investment Banking and Tourism! We need your help you have been quiet too long. While you are at it Bring back our Cayman Police that have been laid off for nothing so that crime can decrease the way it was when they were in control of the criminals,

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