Letters to the Editor: No ‘bad children’ at Lighthouse School

Recently, the school received a phone-call from a citizen who was seeking permission for her to bring her child to visit the school because he was misbehaving and she wanted him to see the school because if he didn’t behave this would be where she would send him.

This perception of what Lighthouse School is,is very disheartening and as a parent and president of the Lighthouse School Home School Association, I want to enlighten the general public through this forum about the Lighthouse School.

The Lighthouse School is a school for children who have special educational needs and who basically need a smaller class setting with specialised teachers and staff to help them learn almost everything that is taught in the regular schools. Most of these students are very talented and gifted and have won many awards in competitions where they have competed against children from the regular schools. I would dare to say that the students at the Lighthouse School are some of the most mannerly students that I have encountered; a life skill that seems to be disappearing so rapidly nowadays.

I ask the general public to not spread the wrong message about our special needs children; instead help these children by educating yourselves as well as educating your children that ALL children are first and foremost human beings created by God that deserve to be treated with dignity, love and respect.

To start, you can call the school and the students and staff would be more than willing to set up a visit so that you can see all the great work our students do.

The motto and manta of Lighthouse School is “Yes, We Can”. It speaks to the attitude of owning the ability to overcome barriers. This letter is to help those who might have the wrong opinion of Lighthouse School overcome the stigma that many ascribe to special needs children as “bad children”.

So if you plan to visit the Lighthouse School, go with the mind-set to look and learn, as the staff and students demonstrate the miracles that happen in Cayman, every day in a special needs school that is among the best in the western hemisphere.

The Lighthouse School, “Yes, We Can”

James ‘Jamo’ Myles

HSA president, 
Lighthouse School

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