BBC Caribbean 
ends radio service

BBC World Service has made the decision to stop broadcasting radio station BBC Caribbean next month.

In a message sent to the company’s stakeholders, Debbie Ransome, head of BBC Caribbean service, said: “Our last broadcast will be on 25 March. There will also be a special one-hour call-in programme on 24 March looking at the future of pan-Caribbean news and current affairs. During this programme, we hope to both reflect on the legacy of BBC Caribbean but, more importantly, we will be looking at what the Caribbean can now do for itself in terms of cross-regional media coverage and output.”

In addition, BBC Caribbean is planning to leave a legacy website celebrating the best of BBC Caribbean output over the years, according to Ms Ransome.

Local radio station Radio Cayman will continue to broadcast BBC programming.

“Radio Cayman will continue to take BBC programming from midnight to 6am (as only the BBC Caribbean news segment that will be discontinued), but we are currently looking for an alternative for the BBC Caribbean news, which we air at 6.20pm each evening,” said Norma McField, director of Radio Cayman.

“In the interim, Radio Cayman will incorporate Caribbean news stories from the Associated Press into our news reports, as we are already an AP subscriber,” she said. “Which means that we will still have access to Caribbean news to report.”

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