Sandy chance to get in touch

Beach touch rugby is the latest variation in the conventional style to hit the Cayman Islands.

Seven Mile Beach is a great place to relax. It’s also a great place for sports and on Mondays from 5:15pm at Royal Palms there’s a new sport hitting the sand.

This form of rugby is open for everyone as men and women play side by side. The rules are simple. Just like all forms of rugby, play goes forwards and passes have to go backwards.

The tackle is replaced with a touch and the winner is the team that scores the most tries and to score it is a simple crossing of the line in the sand. There are six attempts or touches to score a try and if there is not a score or if the ball is dropped then possession passes to the other team.

A tournament may be developed later this year but at the moment people are just encouraged to go down, have a go and join in the fun. Organiser Sharlee Henshaw said: “Beach touch is a great workout in a great location and at no cost. To be able to play sport on the beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea is something which I consider to be very lucky to do.

“The sand makes less impact on the joints but is a slightly more challenging exercise. Saying that, everyone is able to play, whether they’ve played touch before or not. I love seeing new people giving this sport a go.”

So the challenge is out there. Anyone who is a lover of rugby in whatever form, this is a great way to hone skills and keep fit. And if you have never played rugby in before then it is a great way to start in the friendly atmosphere of a social game with a cracking bunch of people.

After a session there are the added attractions of an ice cold drink or a dip in the ocean. Either way, it’s an ideal chance to go on the beach at Royal Palms every Monday afternoon for a great time.

For further information about this or any other touch rugby events, email Sharlee at [email protected]

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