Online Poll: Dredging idea unpopular

Most oppose dredging in North Sound

The majority of the 582 respondents to last week’s online poll think dredging a deep-water channel in the North Sound to accommodate mega yachts is either a bad idea or an absolutely terrible idea.

The largest segment of respondents – 254 people or 43.6 per cent – think the idea is absolutely terrible.

“Too risky for the environment and it is doubtful that we would attract enough mega yachts to justify this risk,” said one person.

“Why ruin the North Sound just for the benefit of a few rich people?” asked someone else. “Isn’t the Island already in ruins because of the wants of the rich?”

“I can’t take two conchs, but they can dredge the entire bottom?” another respondent wanted to know.

“Worry about the crime, not building a dock for mega yachts,” someone else said. “If you don’t fix the crime, mega yachts are going to sail right by the Island anyway.”

“The beautiful reef on the north wall will become choked and will die from the silt,” said another person.

Another 54 people – 9.3 per cent – thought dredging a deep-water channel in the North Sound was merely a bad idea.

“While I think initially it would be a good idea in the ambition of expanding our tourism-related options and ultimately our economic position, it is also prudent to think of and try to understand other aspects of the project as well, such as environmental impact, local socioeconomic spin-offs and Cayman’s ability to support the project via infrastructure and funding,” said one respondent. “The last thing we need is another foreign-owned/locally-operated business venture that draws any substantial amount of the economic benefit to the people out of the country.”

“We need to protect the Island’s natural barriers and those things that help protect us during storms,” said someone else.

Ninety-nine people – 17 per cent – thought the deep water channel in the North Sound was a fantastic idea.

“My concerns are not with the idea, but rather with it being practical and sensible, both environmentally and financially,” said one person. “But the idea in theory is great.”

“Don’t talk it to death,” said someone else. “Do it now.”

Another 64 people – 11 per cent – thought opening up the North Sound to mega yachts was a good idea.

“The North Sound is already pretty much ruined from overuse by boats,” said one person. “Why not make it more functional?”

“Once Cuba opens up, Cayman would be in line to get some high-end boat traffic – if there were a place to dock them,” said another respondent.

A large number of respondents – 111 people or 19.1 per cent – said they needed more information before they could decide on the merits of a deep-water channel in the North Sound.

“We wouldn’t want any facts to get in the way of people’s prejudices,” commented one person.

“Is the return on investment worth the damage that will be done to the coral and reef? asked someone else.

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