Shots hit house in East End

were fired at a house on Sea View Road in East End early Saturday morning.

one was hit in the gunfire, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police
Service, but the shots did damage the outside of the structure.

incident was reported around 2.40am Saturday.

arrests were immediately reported.

shooting outraged East End MLA Arden McLean who actually commented about it
during a public meeting Saturday night in George Town.

had three shootings in the last six months in East End and nobody knows
anything about it,” he said to a group of more than 200 people at Mary Miller
hall Saturday.

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bullet hole

A bullet pierces the window of a home on Sea View Road
Dennie Warren Jr.


  1. Incredible, It doesnt seem to safe anywhere on the island now. Its time the Gov put other things on the back burner and really focus on Crime as the main threat to the islands survival. I used to brag so much to people I work with in the US about how great the Cayman Islands are. But now I have people coming to me saying what happened to the Cayman Islands. They keep seeing things on the news and on the internet saying how dangerous things have gotten there. An now theres warnings posted everywhere with Travel advisories for US Citizens travel to Grand Cayman.

    How could this have possibly happened, how could such a supposedly organized government have let a handfull of local thugs ruin paradise. Its clear that they no longer have control of the situation.

  2. Yes indeed – Paradise Lost; URGENT ACTION from the Island Police is required.
    Bad press regarding safety and security is very powerful.No matter how lovely the beaches, how wonderful the diving, or luxurious the hotels we want to feel comfortable and safe.Tourism may never recover as people seek other options for their holidays, and do not return.
    We are very anxious regarding the violence in Grand Cayman, which appears to be worsening, not improving.

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