Students flock to careers expo

Students eager to learn about jobs packed the Chamber of Commerce expo on Careers, Education, Training and Jobs at the Family Life Centre on 4 February.

In opening remarks at the event, Education Minister Rolston Anglin reminded everyone of the 10 per cent unemployment in the Islands, but added, “it need not be that way.”

He outlined changes for a new approach, including a stronger partnership between government and the private sector, and the creation of an online job bank.

“Students will be able to apply fully online for scholarships, and the secretariat is ready to deliver,” said Mr. Anglin.

“We are hoping to create life-long learners and bridges to success. Make no mistake about it, we are all developing talent for our economy.

“Everything in the ministry needs to be up to the 20th century,” he said.

“We had one person in the scholarship unit overseeing 800 scholarships, with 300 overseas and 500 locally, as well as keeping the database current in terms of grades and the like, in addition to processing at least 500 applications. One person,” he emphasised, underscoring some of the difficulties with the system.

“Businesses should be able to access GPA’s and things should be connected. People should have suitable contacts of people emailed to them and the scholarship unit should serve to inform employers,” he said.

Mr. Anglin added: “Information helps people to plan, as well as to make for transition to be seamless, and it was not. These inconsistencies were not being seen and as a result, we were living in a fool’s paradise.”

He said it is critical to understand who the audience is and that they are technology driven. “We have to meet them where they are at and we cannot have an antiquated system for the youth of tomorrow.

Job seekers

Among those at the expo who were looking for a job was Leana Jarvis. “This seems to be a very well thought out Expo, and I am handing out my resume. I work part time at Radio Cayman, and I am interested in the media and office work,” she said.

She added that among the jobs she would not do were those in the fast food industry or cleaning. “It’s just not my thing,” she said.

Chelsea Cranston and Tamara Dilbert, both students who are taking part in a 12-week workshop with the Health Services Authority, said they were taught about interview skills and presentation. The last two weeks of the programme are dedicated to job experience in areas they will choose.

Students Kelly Forsythe and Kia Estwick said they found the Expo to be interesting and informative. They added that they saw several areas they were interested in, particularly Emergency Services.

Kyle Parsons, a student from Cayman Prep, said he wants to be a computer programmer, adding that the only job he does not want is customer support, but that he would work at a fast food restaurant if he had to do so to pay for school.


  1. Rolston,

    This is an olive branch thrown out to our youth in need.But its only touching the surface. There needs to be more of an effort on your part to bring the DER,the Civil service and the private sector together to serve Caymans youth and the people of these islands allowing them to fill the job positions that are vacant.

    A Chamber of Commerce XPO is all well and good.
    What the people need is a pronounced JOB FAIR where the 2000 people out of work are interviewed, and hired on the spot as long as they have their resumes and receive on the spot assistance with filling out their applications. This process is not complicated at all. Rolston Im afraid youre still wearing some body armor separating you from the real needs of people and still dodging the bullet.

    When you as Minister for Education and labor come out of your own COMFORT ZONE and lay down your life for the people to make life better for them, lack of education and unemployment among our people will result in a huge decline.

  2. I would say that any student that has good grades may go to school for free ….people should stop thinking that they cant afford to school ,,,,,,ALL they have to do is know how to use a computer and look it up ITS FREE
    Then they will be able to get a real job

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