Businessman robbed of earnings

Royal Cayman Islands Police detectives are investigating after they said two armed men robbed a local businessman of his takings Friday night.

Around 7pm Friday, police said the victim locked up his business premises in the West Bay area and drove to his home in Crescent Close.

He took a bag containing the cash into his home, leaving the front door open.

Police said the man was suddenly confronted by two men who are believed to have entered the house through the open door.

One of the suspects carried what appeared to be a firearm, police said. They threatened the man and forced him to lie on the floor before they ran off with the cash.

The suspects are believed to have made off from the scene a blue, two door, soft top vehicle, similar in shape to a Suzuki Sidekick.

No shots were fired and the victim was not injured.
Officers said the first suspect was described as being stocky and about 5′ 7″. He had a white shirt over his face and spoke with a Caymanian accent. The second man was about 5′ 5″ and wore a halloween mask, police said.

Anyone who was in the area at the relevant time and saw the suspects either entering or leaving the scene is asked to contact West Bay police station on 949-3999 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).


  1. This is just so incredibly depressing, I cant even bear to read news about the Cayman Islands anymore it brings tears to my eyes to think that I invested so much into Paradise Lost. Friday night should just be called fright night. Its obviously time to sell at a loss. I’m not sure if I can even find a buyer. Maybe once I cut my losses I’ll be able to find a nice property in St Barts or possibly Anguilla.

  2. Why didnt he leave the takings in the store overnight (presumably safe?), and bank them in the daylight next day? and why leave the front door open (times have changed)?

  3. Yep, Its definitaly gone to waste. Like the other post says it sadens me to even read the newspaper these days. I was actually thinking about relocating to paradise but i think ill look elsewhere. I visited 8 years ago and came back this year in januari. How can a place so beautiful, peacefull and promesing turn to the cesspit it is today… Lets focus some more on business development and big money, shall we… Lets dig some more canals and ruin some more wildlife, we all know thats what the island needs most at the moment !!
    If someone doesnt get their head out of their proverbial rear end anytime soon, The Caymans can close shop all toghether. Talk about stupid and short sighted !

  4. What I think should be available for business owners is armored vehicles which collect the daily takings from the businesses. I know there are a few on island, but not everyone has access to the service.

    I am actually making plans to leave the island this year after being here 25 years. The Crime here is a worry, but what I would be more worried about is when the tourism industry grinds to a halt. People are already leaving the island, if you lose the tourism sector, then this island is in trouble.

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