What kids can do: Go skating

Parents all across Grand Cayman are always wondering what their kids can do for weekend activities.

One choice for fun and fitness is in-line skating, like kids did in the 1990s.

“Skating is tons of fun, and we’ve had great feedback from all of our parents,” says Raymond Singh, athletic director at King’s Sports Centre. “The greatest feeling for us as coaches is seeing a new skater take their first steps. There’s a bit a fear, excitement and intrigue all mixed into one, but soon, all that is replaced by a smile or a giggle. To watch a four-year-old go through that is really cool.”

There are three age groupings – four to six; six to eight; and eight and older.

Inline only

The learn-to-inline session is a developmental programme open to all beginner skaters ages four to 14 – inline skaters only.

“The programme is six classes in four weeks and is designed to show skaters the necessary basics of skating, including skating forwards, backwards, turning and stopping,” Singh says.

The next session is due to begin in late May, with registrations opening up in March.

The programme is $90, which includes rental of the skates. It’s $65 if you have your own skates.

The fee also includes free entry to public skating sessions during the course of the programme.

For more information, call King’s Sports Centre at 946-5464 or visit www.kingssportscentre.com

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