Brad boosts Legendz stats

The Legendz Longhorns came in as a seasoned team with a new look. So far the roller hockey squad has maintained a high standard on the rink.

Legendz are in second place in the Logic Adult Roller Hockey League. Heading into week four of the competition the Longhorns are 2-1 including a resounding 9-7 victory over the defending champion Islanders.

Stats-wise Legendz have held their own. The side has four of the league’s top scorers. Teenage sensation and captain Brad Galbraith has made good on his desire to pursue a scoring title as he leads all others with 10 goals, three assists and 13 points.

Close behind is team-mate Jason Windsor who has a league-best seven assists, two goals and nine points. From there are ball hockey stalwarts Derek Bruce (six assists, two goals, eight points) and Mark Thompson (four goals, three assists, seven points).

However the picture is not all rosy for Legendz. They have only scored 22 goals while allowing 23 goals. Goalie Jeremy Olynik has been a bit rusty as he has 69 saves and a save percentage of just 66.7 percent.

In addition the side will have its hands full when it takes on the High Rollers. The clubs square off on Tuesday 1 March at 8pm at the Logic arena of Kings Sports Centre. The High Rollers come into the match in excellent form themselves atop the league with a 3-0 record.

The team boasts the top goalie, on paper, in Andrew Finlason (71 saves, a league-low 13 goals allowed and a league-best 81.7 save percentage) and a top five scorer in Dan Etherington (one assist, seven goals, eight points).

Tuesday will also feature a match between a pair of slow starters in ITS Cayman and the Islanders at 9pm. ITS (who play in last year’s Budget Beavers uniforms) have stumbled to an 0-3 mark, thanks in large part to a flat offence (just 14 goals scored).

Mark Missal may be on target offensively (third in scoring with three assists, six goals and nine points) but he’s lacking support from veterans Chris Moser and Jamie Lyon (three goals and seven points combined).

Reigning champs Islanders, who feature a rejuvenated Brendon Malice (five assists, three goals, eight points) will be under pressure to beat Randy Cannon. The new ITS goalie has done well to produce a league-best 81 saves and a decent save percentage of 75.3 per cent.