BritCay switch draws dividends

The BritCay Premiums made a controversial decision to go to a higher league in co-ed softball at the start of the year. In spite of the jump in competition level, the side is doing just fine record-wise.

Heading into this week BritCay is on top of the B2 division of the Winter Adult Co-ed Softball League. Put on by the Cayman Islands Little League, BritCay is one of 25 teams. A member of the C league last year, they are in the B league this time and facing off against teams like the KPMG Bounty Hunters and Doghouse Glovernauts.

Kenneth Davis, Customer Service Supervisor at British Caymanian Insurance Agencies Ltd, returns as the team captain. Davis, 48, is in his third year playing co-ed softball and hails from New York. He states the decision to move up was due to an increase in talent.

“After starting out in the C League in the fall, we decided to add more players to upgrade our team to be more competitive for this season,” Davis said. “Once we assembled the team together, we realised the talent level and decided to move up to the B league.

“We weren’t concerned about the level of competition because we knew with the team we have we will be very competitive and compete for the B League championship.”

The rise in form for BritCay is amazing considering their showing last season. In their first stint in co-ed softball, the Premiums limped to the cellar of the C league with just one win. So far the side already has four victories.

Davis states the change in the side’s fortunes is due to a winning mind-set for 2011. “After losing so many games our first season we were determined to turn things around this season.

“To say the least, we were disappointed with our effort and knew we had to display more pride for the company and for ourselves. There are so many players on this team that has stepped up this season to get us to this point that it’s impossible to point out just a few.

“We play as a team and everyone has sacrificed for the betterment of the team. We look at ourselves as one team looking out in the same direction collectively to achieve a common goal – to win the league championship.”

BritCay are next in action Tuesday 1 March at the Field of Dreams. At 8:15pm on field three the side takes on the Maples Sluggers, a perennial powerhouse who are currently struggling. Davis states his side’s focus is beyond Maples.

“So far, we have played up to expectations but the two games we have lost to date we beat ourselves, so we know we can exceed those expectations. The biggest difference from last year is the new players on the team and the level of commitment from everyone.

“We know how good we are and are committed to playing our very best. We put in the extra practice time to improve all aspect of our game. We expect to play at a high level which will carry us to winning the B league championship, nothing less.”