Expat majority isn’t in Gov’t

Very few government departments, statutory authorities and publicly owned companies in the Cayman Islands have a majority of foreign workers staffing them, according to a report compiled earlier in the government’s fiscal year.

That’s despite nearly 1,600 non-Caymanian workers remaining employed within the Civil Service and various government authorities.

According to the survey done by the Portfolio of the Civil Service, as of 30 June, 2010, there were just five central government departments that had less than half Caymanian workers. Those include emergency communications, the audit office, counselling services, the governor’s office and legal affairs office.

The study noted seven central government departments were 100 per cent Caymanian employers and that 34 out of a total of 57 agencies employed 72 per cent or more Caymanians in their respective departments.

For statutory authorities and government owned-companies, there were three agencies that employed more than 50 per cent expatriate workers. They were the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange, the Children and Youth Services Foundation and the University College of the Cayman Islands.

The Health Services Authority, by far the largest statutory authority operating in Cayman, also employed a sizeable number of foreign workers – about 350 out of 
738 people; roughly 47 per cent of its work force.

“On the 30th [of] June, the number of Caymanians employed within the public service was 4,283, representing 73 per cent of the public service,” the portfolio’s review stated.

Of the 81 public sector entities reviewed by the portfolio, eight of them employed more than 50 per cent foreign labour – about 10 per cent.

The large drop in the number of foreign workers in Cayman’s central government service over the past 18 months was noted in October by the government’s Economic and Statistics Office.

The Cayman Islands government service shed 500 foreign-born workers from public sector jobs since June 2009, according to the statistics office.

Records indicated a 35 per cent drop in foreign nationals working on contracts between June 2009 and June 2010. The numbers were noted in the statistics office half-year report on the local economy.

“The government…significantly reduced its compliment of foreign workers,” the July 2010 report stated. “During the review period, the number of non-Caymanian civil servants decreased by 35 per cent.”

According to the statistics office, some 1,411 foreigners were employed in the Civil Service in June 2009. A year later, that number had fallen to 911.

The human resources report compiled by the portfolio for 30 June actually put the number of foreign civil service workers at 1,021. That figure doesn’t include the number of non-Caymanians working in statutory authorities and government companies, which was put at 577 last June.

For the entire public sector, there were 1,598 foreign-born workers at mid-year 2010, the portfolio study revealed.


  1. Bodden, did you even read the article? Or does the word expat just flick a switch in your brain to activate the bigotry and hatred?

  2. Im not sure this is anything to boast about.

    Look at Mondays story on the failure to keep proper accounting records.

    A number of public sector ex-pats I came across while working in the Cayman Islands were effectively being forced out by frustration at having to work with Caymanian colleagues who were unable to maintain what would be regarded in the UK or USA as bare minimum workplace standards.

    In fact one common complaint was that there was a clear bias, which allowed Caymanians to hold down jobs with far lower qualifications than ex-pats. This meant, amongst other things, that well-qualified ex-pats were being supervised (sic) by Caymanians with far lower educational standards.

    And Bodden, despite what you might like to believe it is not your country. The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory – until, of course, you decide otherwise.

  3. Hey,
    all of you who are unqualified to criticize our government and want to run it, ITll never happen
    go home and run your own government, Oh, I forgot they know too much about you thats why youre all here faking your way till you make it!

  4. It really sucks to hear some of demanding that government employ them over our own Caymanians. You feel you have an entitlement to the Jobs our people should have. What audacity! Such snobbishness. Let me tell you something; you all are no gift to us you are more of a thorn and erosion of our moral principles destroying our society.
    Enjoy yourselves, because pretty soon youre all going to get to hell out of here because the younger generation is fed up with you and its time you start thinking about going home.

  5. Now lets reduce the private sector.
    Bravo Government you are obligated to employ your people not foreign workers. We have educated degreed individuals in Cayman that can fill any position.
    Our people are Bankers, legal secretaries, Attorneys,Doctors, Teachers, and more. where did these x-pats get the idea that we cant do with out them. Who told you you can turn your nose up at us. At least our degrees are real!

  6. Okay, Dubai.

    Then explain to everyone why businesses spend THOUSANDS of dollars (read, many many thousands of dollars) to employ expats. As well as put up with the hoops they must jump through to get them employed. When they could save that money and put it into thier pockets (especially when there is a resession on, and every dollar counts!) Hiring locals?

    Why arent businesss (80% of them Caymanian owned by the way,) why wouldnt they wouldnt just hire the locals?

    Answer us that. This is going to be good (but humourous) reading.

  7. The simple answer to Bodden and his mates is: go independent and get on with it. Somehow, you never quite face up to what you want; you should. I think you will find that there is a substantial body of public opinion in the UK (of all political parties) which is fed up with the antics of local politicians and will not grieve at all about your becoming independent.

  8. Its very simple Scotty. There just arent enough qualified local candidates

    I mean, the whole expat employment cost and dance is visible proof of that.

    I as a business owner am going to hire the best person for the job. I do not care where you come from. And if I can save thousands of dollars a year, I am going to choose that option first. Especially if I dont have to jump through the DER and Immigration hoops.

    Guess what….businesss are jumping through those DER and Immigration hoops. Do I really need to spell out why? Or is it not that obvious enough?

  9. Big berd you are one of the primary guilty ones.
    Your saying you prefer to hire a local person instead of going through the hoops is a farce!

    You are a strong advocate for preferring x-pats in the workplace. You have been caught now youre trying to tone it down a bit!

  10. I knew you would reply with nothing a look over here type answer. Instead of just answering the question. Its easier for you, because you dont have to face reality. And contradict yourself.

    Once again. I will ask.

    Why are businesss willing to pay many thousands of dollars EACH YEAR to employ expats in all types of wage positions (ie, low and high wages) and willing to jump through the DER and immigration hoops. If there is local talent here.

    Why cant you answer that…huh?

    Ignore the question or try to deflect this question by not answering it, and ranting about something else. You just prove I am right, and how wrong you are.

  11. This is actually quite an interesting debate if you can actually get past the wild rhetoric and blatant bigotry.
    The Caymanians have the right to self determination and if that includes having rules about who can apply for a job within the islands then so be it. All they need to do is state that they want to be independent and they can do almost anything they wish.
    The difficulty is that the UK Government (not the UK people!) uses Cayman as an offshore banking haven to appease big business and allow them to indulge in strange practices which are all about making as much money as possible without paying too much of it in taxes.
    It is this relationship that keeps Cayman ticking over. Take away the financial industry which will happen within 24 hours of any independence then Cayman will have to forge a new way in the world which, taking into account what it has to offer, is to develop and extend tourism.
    Of course, with tourism, there will be adequate employment opportunities for all Caymanians from managerial and professional through to clerical and unskilled.
    I would welcome and support any move Cayman made towards independence as I would support any people who wished to determine their own future providing that was the view of the majority.
    Unfortunately, what we have at the moment is the worst of both worlds – Ex pats using the islands as a playground without any long term commitment to its moral or cultural well being as well as Caymanians who blame all the ills of the world on ex pats without recognising the malaise that is spreading through their community.
    Surely it is time to decide……..

  12. beachbum, you state expats are using cayman as thier playground without any long term commitment to its moral or cultural well being.

    Are you aware of a roll over policy?!.

    Wow…so your asking all expats, who have a shelf life of 7 years to spend their thier financial endevours on this island, commit 100% to this island, forge alliances and help better this island. And their reward is in 7 years, you get to go back home.

    Hey, can I keep asking you for favours, you know, mend my fence, paint my house, mow my lawn and water my plants. Oh….at the end of 7 years of your work, i will give you a reward of not being allowed back in my yard for a year.

    Am I missing something here?

  13. Ive mentioned this plenty of times in the past. I believe that most companies prefer not to hire locals because they have developed a reputation for feeling like they are doing the boss a favor by being there. A lot of Caymanians feel that they are deserving of a job as result of a birthright. I personally know the owner of a local construction company who happens to be a born Caymanian himself, of his 9 employees only 2 are locals and he says that he just pays them to do nothing. Because it always touch and go weather they show up for work on time or at all for that matter, he says that his expat workers seem to be used to a hard days work and actually appreciate having a job. He even has an expat answering his phones so I asked him why he doesnt have a local doing that , his answer is that the ones he had constantly show his customer a bad attitude and were always showing up late and that he could keep anyone very long. He says he fired the last girl that was there after he watched her sit on the phone with her boyfriend all afternoon while calls went unanswered. He said he even called from his cell phone while looking in the window and she picked the phone up and hung it right back without saying anything. Show me one Caymanian owned business that only has local employees. There is no such thing as a birth right to success, you have to work for it no matter where you are Cayman, US, Canada or UK. If youre not qualified for that job you dont deserve it no matter where you were born. I hear folks speaking of Expats with fake degrees while Caymanian degrees are real. One thing I know is that the degree may get you the job but hard work and know how is what keeps the job. You may be able to fake a degree but you cant fake knowledge. People that believe they are owed something or have a birthright to success are on a path to failure. And if the Cayman Island or any Country puts its future in the hands of people like this the island is doomed to fail. If the younger generation is tired of this I certainly hope they are willing to do what it takes to change things, and like it or not, it will take hard work, education and respect for other as well as ones self to make it happen.

    Many years ago in the US, people of Color were looked over for jobs just because of the color of their skin, but did we sit back and wine about it, NO. We drilled the need for education into our children heads and taught them the benefits or hard work while we started from the bottom and worked our way up. Now we see our children with opportunities that we didnt have, because we worked hard to create these opportunities in lieu of sitting on our butts and waiting for someone to hand us success. Get off your butts people go out there and grasp success, it dont run after it, it will always be out of your reach. No one is just going to hand it to you,

    Your future is no ones obligation but your own

    Good Luck Cayman, I certainly wish you all the best in the future..

    Please dont respond with hostility as these words we meant to be uplifting from someone who understands your struggle.

  14. Bodden and Dubai, what are you yourselves doing to insure the success of your family and make a better future for you and your children ? I love to hear examples of good hard working Caymanian people.

  15. Big Berd, I would have thought it was basic humanity to try and not disturb a place you visit. I am not suggesting all ex pats commit all their time and money to cayman, just try and be more involved and more aware of the delicate balance of the society into which they intrude.
    Is that too much to ask or will it interfere with your tennis lesson, pint or two at your local pub?
    If all you come to Cayman for is to make loads of money, not make any contribution to the well being of the islands and enjoy the warm sunshine, then I think you should stay at home.

    The Beachbum

  16. Beachbum – do you really believe all expats come here to simply intrude. And do you really believe that the expats who make 3.00 per hour are making loads of money? In all honesty, I believe the best way to end the expat/Caymanian unrest is for the Cayman Islands to go independent.

  17. Expats are intruding now Beachbum? All expats I know are heavily involved in Cayman…volunteering with the Cancer Society, Humane Society, Red Cross and any non-profit that will have them. We always hear that we dont understand the dynamics of the Cayman culture. So untrue! We understand better than you want to believe. Not everyone comes here to make loads of money and leave with it at the end of the day. I would love to stay here beyond my 7 years…in fact, this is my second go.

  18. Jane, I will happily accept that there are some ex pats who do have some appreciation of the need to ensure the wellbeing of the society into which they intrude, but intrude they surely do. It is impossible for you to bring with you your values from the mother country, wherever that maybe, and not have a negative effect on the wellbeing of Cayman.
    Bringing a more relaxed moral attitude has, I would suggest, had a detrimental effect on Cayman and its people and is as much to blame for the expat / Caymanian unrest as the supposed intransigence of the Caymanian people.
    In fact, I will go as far as to suggest there are three kinds of ex pat:
    1) those who come to Cayman for the good life, good money and a good time – those who care not one jot about cayman or its people
    2) Those who come, fall in love with the lifestyle and will do anything to ensure they outlast the rollover – volunteering for anyone who will have them as you put it, and, finally,
    3) those who do genuinely wish to contribute to the community and society of Cayman – those who have the philosophy that you should leave nothing but footprints in the sand of Seven Mile Beach and take away only memories.
    Most are in 1), some are in 2) and very few are in 3).
    So, not all, but the significant majority are in it for themselves.

    The Beachbum

  19. Expat majority isnt in Government – dah… it should be at all times the case! They were not born here on an island under the sun like us. Different culture! They are EXPATS!!! Comprende! ;o)

  20. Beachbum – can you please be more specific about what relaxed morals expats bring into Cayman? Do you include tourists as well in bringing relaxed morals?

  21. Beachbum…we get involved with anyone and everyone who will have us because we want to contribute. It has nothing to do with trying to outlive the rollover. Bit cynical no?! Most of us have volunteered in our mother country and the reason we continue on volunteering wherever we end up is for the same reason we did at home…we enjoy giving to others and helping out.

    You are generalising and have no right to assume your values / morals are higher than the average expats.

    I fear that there were more in 3 at one point but with the attitudes of Caymanians (old and young) they are slowly being pushed into categories 2 and 1.

    I might add that it isnt the expats that are pushing for the new ports / cities / concrete jungles that are springing up left right and center. We came here for what Cayman was and, along with Caymanians, are here for what it is becoming. It is the Caymanians (government) that are changing your beloved Cayman.

  22. I would say that its the pot calling the kettle black. You guys accuse expats of having and bringing relaxed morals to the islands. For such holier than thou folks you seem to have forgotten to love thy neighbor. How moral is the bias that you show to others whom you consider beneath you because they were born somewhere else or belong to a different race. Shame on you, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    I still have not heard one single instance of what you are doing personally to better yourselves, all I hear is they owe me, they are obligated, I have a birth right, they have a job that should be mine. How many of you are actually willing to take a job cleaning someones home or yard to put food on the table and put your kids through school so they have a better life? Instead you just sit back and complain about what others have that you dont while not lifting a finger to better your own situation. People like that disgust me and I have no respect for them no matter who they are or where they were born.

    When you look for someone to blame for your own failure in life take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, Have I done all I can ? Remember your children will look up to you as examples or human beings and what they see of you they will mimic. Will it be hard working determined people or folks that sit on their butts complaining while waiting for someone to hand them success. I grew up watching my mother and father both work two jobs to put me and my brother through school, and keep roof over our heads with a nice clean yard to play in. As I remember times were very hard but not once did I ever see my father ask for a handout because he was taught to work for what he got and taught us the same thing this is a trait that has passed down through my family from generation to generation. That why I look at my parents today with such respect and admiration. Consider how your children will look at you when they have children of their own.

    Stop complaining and get off your butts, success is out there, you just have to go out and grasp it.

    I am sure that any Caymanian that has the education and experience applies and shows himself to be a diligent and hard working individual that can be trusted to get the job done will have no problem succeeding and getting hired over any expat.

  23. Speaking of indpendence, Scotty you mean we should become like our poverty stricken neighbor JAMAICA?
    Because Independence for the Cayman Islands who is now a World leading financial center Means only one thing Transfer of all Financial assets and Industry to the UK enriching them and POVERTY AND ANOTHER JAMAICA IN THE WEST INDIES.

    It also means nothing but total:

    And boat loads of people leaving Cayman to to to the US.

    IS THAT YOUR VISION FOR CAYMAN? shame on you.he only people in these forums preaching the gospel of Independence are those who envy the local prosperity and those who DO NOT MEAN THE PEOPLE OF CAYMAN ANY GOOD. Obviously hey are knowledgeable enough to know that if Independence were imposed upon the Cayman Islands that it would be the ultimate punishment and finally x-pats would be avenged of their Caymanianian Adversaries who would SUFFER UNTOLD MISERY AND THE HIGHEST ORDER OF DICTATORSHIP FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER AFRICAN OR CARIBBEAN NATION WITH NOT A LEG TO STAND ON!

    Smart folks do not urge independence for little Islands this size!

  24. Vietnam – sorry if I touched a nerve. I am in no way saying independence should be imposed upon the islands – it should be left up to the people of the Cayman Islands. From some of the comments, some locals seem to want independence as some of these people think the islands would be better off without expats as it was said there are local doctors, teachers, nurses, lawyers, bankers etc who could keep the island going the up coming youth of Cayman will be able to take over where the expats have left off. I think it is an insult to your own people to say that Cayman would become what you think Jamaica is like – why would that happen if the loose moral expats have left only local Caymanians are left. The people would be in control of their own 3 islands.

  25. Scotty,

    At the rate that our government is granting and printing work permits and distributing them in exchange for millions of dollars in fees:-

    Our youth have a very slim chance of survival or to become the educated and well rounded leaders f tomorrow. They will be servants to the X-pats fighting to run our government and write our laws instead of leaders. The young generation have got to decide enough is enough cause these old men in the house are just GIVING OUR COUNTRY AWAY, AND WHAT IS NOT BEING GIVEN AWAY IS SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER! Education has to be made availabl to the kids them and FREE for all those Caymanians who can not afford a good education. Education is the key to building wealth and reducing crime. The harvest reaped thereafter is a safe society that is seasoned with wealth and a socio-economic growth.
    Scotty has any government over the past two decades convinced you that all of the above is on their agenda?

  26. Independance lets see. The Cayman Islands would need thier own Army. How many soldiers would come out of a population of 12000. When the local police cant even control crime on such a small island do you think Cayman is prepared to protect itself without international support ? And again are people who say its the expats doing all the crime. Bull is Northward prison full of Xpats ? At 10 PM do you really know where your children are ? Without the Financial industry Tourism industry and foreign investments where will the next generation as you say get these great jobs and money to run the country ? Its always people screaming for independance who cant even help themselves and rather you like it or not its not up to the people to decide if indepenance is the way to go. Its up to the government. Just how far do you think a people can progress selling Red Snapper and Coconuts. I am sure your children arent aspiring to be farmers and fishermen.

  27. I also agree that education is key, but I am sick of hearing that the lack of free education is the reason todays youth dont have it. How about working hard to put your kids through school, My parents did and I did it for my children. Then theres also the incredible kids that work thier way thru school and pay for their own education people do it everyday .Stop making excuses and take it upon yourself to do what it takes to succeed.

    Is it possible that the Cayman leaders have just lost faith in their own people ?

  28. For such a mulit-cultural society there is an awful lot of biggotted comments and xenophobia that seems to come from the local community, especially given the huge percentage of this population that profess to be religous…the Ex-pats dont take jobs, they do jobs locals cannot and create jobs than locals can, whilst pumping money into the economy. It doesnt take a degree in Economics to see this. In turn this will help to bolster the education system and the prospects for local children. Afterall Cayan has one of the highest standards of living throughout the Caribbean, would it without the Ex-pats??

  29. Furthermore in order to continue as a financial centre Cayman will always need expats. There must be a local population of working age in the region of 15-20,000. Take the City of London as an example of another (much larger, obviously) financial centre, where conservatively the working population that are English is maybe 15 million. Out of these 15 million there are still not enough peolpe with the specilised skills to fill all the vacancies and people from the world over come to work there.

    No matter how much education, training etc you give the people of Cayman, in order to continue as a financial centre Cayman will always need expats.

  30. Vietnam – to answer your question – no, no government has convinced me. And regarding the work permits, I thought the work permits had been declining hence the gov was broke. I didnt realize the government was printing them giving them out to the rich. I also disagree with a lot of the development happening on the island but it is not for me to say. Perhaps independence should come sooner rather than later so a stop can be made to what you say is happening here unless the youth step up now and have their say. These are just my thoughts I could be wrong as funnily enough I have been wrong before (or so people tell me). This is all I have to say.

  31. You people seem to be working overtime trying to sell the x-pat product to everyone. You must have an underlying insecure feeling that we really dont need somany x-pats why you have to work so hard to convince us.

    Regarding FREE education, thats what most of you are afraid of. You are petrified of Educated Caymanians who you want to replace!

  32. Since I made the comments about free education I will follow-up. I am not against or afraid of free education for Caymanians. I just do not think the lack of free education is an excuse not to pursue an education. If you sit around waiting for a free education the world will pass you by. A good college education is not a right it is a privilege worth working hard for and will pay off. This is what I recommend teaching your children, and doing whatever it takes to help them achieve it. As for being afraid of an educated Caymanian you are completely wrong. I myself love to hear success stories about young educated Caymanians that worked hard and made something of themselves and there are plenty of them. As for wanting to take the place or the job of educated Caymanians you have no idea what youre talking about. I myself do not hold a Work Permit or for that matter need one. No one gave me a free education or a handout, I worked extremely hard throughout my life and kept my head up while dealing with all kinds of bigotry, adversity and being called the N word and like many of my own people struggled to get ahead and made good financial decisions that allow me to afford homes in the US as well as the Cayman Islands. I happen to love the Cayman Islands and would love see its people rise above the stereotype that currently exists, like my own people (African Americans) had to do in the US. No I am not looking to take anyones place I am actually hoping to see Caymanians grow as a people which will take hard work and determination or your part. Let go of the anger, bigotry and ill feelings towards others and look inside yourself to see what it is that you yourself can do to help you and your children excel.

    I asked the same question several times of what is that you are doing to better yourself personally, and still havent got an answer from anyone only more complaints about there no free education and the expats are stealing our jobs, thats a problem that needs to be fixed within oneself.

    I grew up with people that were always looking for something for nothing, constantly waiting for someone to hand them success, blaming (THE MAN) for everything that went wrong in their lives. And where are they today, singing the same ole song. And yes there have been plenty of times when I felt people did me wrong, but instead of getting angry it just made me stronger and more determined to make something on myself. Take my advice I am talking from personal experience.

  33. Oh dear, so many ex pats on here so certain that they are what makes Cayman what it is and that without them, Cayman will be nothing.
    When I talked about relaxed morals I intended to show that exposure to an ex pat community supporting an alien way of life on the islands must, inevitably, change it. There are lost communities on islands in the Pacific or in the rain forests of South America who have to be protected because if they are exposed to outside influences they will change and that change will not be of their making or what they want.
    It is up to Caymanians to decide their future. If they want to sustain the current situation where they have to prostitute themselves to the arrogant foreigner who always knows best (and for examples of that look no further than the comments here) then that is their choice. If they want to offer some form of protectionism for their youth and/or their culture, that is their choice. Whatever Cayman decides the ex pat community have to live with.
    Anyone who does not agree should pack up and leave.
    Oh, BTW, I was an ex pat in Cayman and I would love to visit the islands again but only to leave footprints in the sands of the beach and take away memories.

    The Beachbum

  34. To compare Cayman to lost communities on Islands in the pacific and rain forests in South America is ridiculous. There are no natives running around Cayman with bones in their noses collecting animal pelts for clothing. Caymanians are an enlightened people with great potential. I do not see growth as a people prostituting yourself, instead if see it as people using the resources they have to grow and make better opportunities for themselves and their children. A culture can be protected and grown at the same time as long as people never forget where they came from. While I do not agree with some of the ideas being tossed around like NS dredging, I do think that certain developments such as the Cayman Enterprise City will only enhance the island and create more opportunities for the next generation that currently does not exist. Some people seem to think that the potential of Caymanians is limited to catching Conch and growing Yams and lot of these people are Caymanian themselves. But its time Caymanians teach their children that theres a big world out there and possibilities are unlimited. Beware, while you work to grow yourselves as a people others will instigate hate in an effort to keep you angry and convince you that progress is the devil. But it is you that will reap the rewards of hard work in the long run. If a foreign company comes to Cayman and starts a business that will offer great opportunities to the next generation, whats so bad about that? People say oh theyre just coming here to make lots of money, So what, if it increases your property value and creates opportunities for your children. I am sure theres plenty of people that would like to keep as many Caymanians as possible limited to the lower scale of the work force, but its up to you to rise above that.

    Keep your eyes on the prize.

  35. Oh dear. The idea of amazonian tribes was to give the idea of unwanted change. Not to be taken literally….
    Progress isnt the devil, progress which is not instigated or widely supported by the indigenous population IS the devil.
    The Enterprise City you seem to agree with … a Californian developer? A globally focussed development that is only here to take advantage of tax breaks and to cushion their ex pat employees from the realities of their homeland.
    Indeed, it boasts, Benefits to the companies licensed to operate in Cayman Enterprise City would include no income taxes, no corporate taxes, 100 per cent foreign ownership, 100 per cent repatriation of profits, reduced work permit fees and no import duties on most items.. Well, that will be a wonderful thing for Cayman wont it…NOT!
    Is this what Caymanians want is it being foisted on them by the ex pats who keep banging on about how they know best.
    If Caymanians want to continue their yam and conch traditions so be it – their choice, their mistakes to make, their future to forge.
    As for your comment, People say oh theyre just coming here to make lots of money, So what, if it increases your property value and creates opportunities for your children just shows the arrogance you feel towards the people here. Quite shameful if you had the capacity to feel shame.
    New Jersey beckons!

    The Beachbum

  36. Beachbum. You really need to take off those rose coloured specticals and put down that dodgy looking roll up, a great deal of the buisness and drive for profit here on Cayman is coming from Caymanians, who sold the land for development in the first place, and for what reason? We live in a world where people strive for what is seen as progress and while it is sad that it means that cultural changes occur it is inevitable. With or without Ex-pats I am sure that progress of this nature will occur, look to Asia for a good example.

  37. What a short sighted vision you have, these advantages that are offered to the California developer are to entice his business to the Cayman Islands. And yes it will allow him to take advantage of tax breaks work permit discounts and such things. This is why hes considering putting his money here instead of somewhere else. While of course he will make money, something like this will also add quite a bit to the Cayman Economy and create new opportunities for the next generation. What would you prefer that he take his business elsewhere , the Cayman Government is not in the position to finance such an endeavor so I would think people would appreciate that fact the something like this can be achieved without the government or the people having to foot the bill.

    The benefit to Cayman can be limitless even if they bring in a bunch of expats to work there. There will still be plenty of Caymanians working there during and after construction. A plenty of opportunities created for the next generation of young people that are willing to take advantage of them. There are tons of empty rentals on the island owned by Caymanian that will be rented to these workers and these people will have to eat and shop somewhere.

    Attitudes like your are just what I am talking about, you would like to have people believe that every foreign investor is out to rape the island so as to have them rally against it. This will only hurt them in the long run. You call me arrogant in an effort to make people think I am against them or look down on them, but it is actually people like you who dont believe Caymanians are capable of more than serving you dinner on the beach and changing your sheets while youre on vacation.

  38. It is Caymanians who are choosing – the agreement is between Hon Properties (who are investing around 1 billion) and the Cayman Government.

    The developer gets to make money off the scheme, and the Cayman Islands get new businesses located here which will purchase goods and services locally, will employ Caymanians, will bring in ex-pat workers who will spend money here, and crucially will not compete with any Caymanian business.

  39. Well that you dont have to worry about since I am not caymanian. It is not my Choice to make. I can only offer helpfull advise and share my own personal experieces and opinions.

    And weather I am Caymanian or not I have a strong desire to see this steroetype of local people broken. No different the Stereotype of the Lazy ignorant African American has been broken.

  40. I cannot say the same for this forum..Caymanians are still to learn that stated opinion do count something not lost on the foreign minority here. Public opinion gleamed from a non-voting block is not a true measure of Caymans interest but may be a guiding light to some blind government officials.
    Asking a non voting public to speak-up in support of an idea is like a robin showing a cooky bird her nest..

  41. Cayman is one of the top 5 financial industries in the world. The island either needs to embrace this or not.

    If they want to embrace it, then they need to have top 5 talent in the WORLD to to continue to have this distincion, whether expat or Caymanian.

    If youre trying to be relevant on the global level, you need to have the equivalent experience. If you dont, then the system will fail.

    Im all in favor of Caymanians being favorites for jobs locally, but they need to have the relevant experience for respective jobs. At the global level, merely having a college degree isnt sufficient experience.