Keep the love, lose the litter

Funds for abandoned cats will be raised at the Fur Ball.

A newly established group of animal
lovers are hoping to help reduce Cayman’s population of homeless and feral cat

Feline Friends, a group of volunteers, plans to humanely trap abandoned and wild
cats and kittens, have them spayed, neutered and de-wormed and then release
them back to where they were captured.

The group is already planning The
Fur Ball as a fundraiser, which it hopes to hold annually.

Feline Friends, whose motto is “Keep the love, lose the litter”, are working to
install feeding stations, or “cat cafes” as the group calls them, around the island,
and also to help get the cats adopted.

“Our focus is to educate and enlighten the populace as to the benefits of homeless
cat care,” said Lisa Thompson, a spokeswoman for the group.

“It has been proven that removing cat colonies by euthanasia does not work – it
only creates a vacuum effect where other cats move into the now available

The population of homeless cats, however, do play an important role
by keeping down the rodent population, but we do need to control their
ever-growing numbers. “… A pair of breeding cats, which can have three or more litters annually,
can exponentially produce 420,000 offspring over a seven-year period,” she
said, adding that the record number of one mother cat producing kittens is more
than 420 kittens in her lifetime.

The group members capture the cats in cage traps, setting them in the evening
and trying not to leave them overnight. They cover the trap with a towel to
calm the animal and then take it home before transporting it to the vet in the
morning for surgery or treatment.

Males are released the same afternoon and
females a day or two later.

So far, the volunteers have established two colonies in West Bay, one in Safehaven,
two in Bodden Town, one in East End and one off Crewe Road.

Feline Friends
welcomes volunteers to help feed cats at those colonies and also welcome food

For more information, email [email protected]