Little clubbers putt in the work

Some are no taller than a golf club, yet they all have an interest in seeing how far they can take their newly acquired skills on the fairway.

Forty-three kids from the age of four to 15 are in the recently started junior programme, far more than expectations and although none will emerge as Tiger Woods successors, they have impressed the head coach Jason Deerwester every Wednesday with their application.

The recently appointed director of golf at the North Sound Club from Seattle, Washington has been here only four months and already feels settled in.

“People here are super friendly,” he says.

“We begun the five week winter junior clinic a couple of weeks ago and it’s going well. When we had our first session there were 24 pre-registered and to our surprise 19 more signed up. “The kids are eager and have a blast. With the help of Robert Chilman and Wally Clark we introduced the kids to golf with three stations, full swing, short game and putting. The kids were divided up into three groups and rotated through the stations.”

Many are younger siblings or offspring of established golf names in Cayman which bodes well for the future. North Sound Club general manager Davy Ebanks said: “It is interesting to see the diversity of the group here. These kids are the future of the sport. “We had this programme in the past but a few staff left and created a void so it’s good to see it back. We’re back in full swing, bigger and better. I’m really pleased with the turn out and when the next clinic starts in May we may have to extend it to two sessions a week.”

Deerwester added: “The new staff here are excited to be reaching out to the children on the Island. It’s all been made possible with the help of Chilman, who is North Sound Club’s associate golf professional, Tim Dwyer, the Ritz-Carlton golf pro, the volunteers Wally Clark, Dave Erb and Dave Allot, who is the Cayman Islands Golf Association representative.

“Promoting golf to children helps in assuring that the game remains a vital part of Cayman’s sporting scene. We’ll continue hosting junior camps throughout the year with a spring, summer and then fall session.”


  1. This is all great. But what happens next year? Will the Ritz Carlton be allowing the Cayman Island Golf Association the space needed to further the development of the young Caymanians who want to learn the game?
    I also have to take exception with the line that none will emerge as Tiger Woods successor. The individual who wrote the story obviously didnt look in the eye of every young golfer to determine if they had what it takes to be such a golfer. But for sure if that attitude pervails, I hope his kids are not in the program.

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