Gov hands out service awards

Officers from the Police, Prison and Fire services are honoured with colonial long-term medals

Twenty-five officers from the Police, Prison and Fire services were recipients of colonial long-term medals at the Government House on Thursday afternoon.

Four officers were also the recipients of gift certificates valued at $150 in gas or groceries as a work incentive. The Governor’s wife Marie Beatrice Taylor drew the four officers’ names: Fire Brigades Senior Divisional Officer-Aerodrome, Craig McCoy; Police Service Sergeant, Doris Morris-Herrera; Prison Service Officer, Leonard Jervis; and Special Constabulary Sergeant, Rodney Rivers

At the brief ceremony, honourees received their medals from Governor Duncan Taylor.

Announcing the arrival of the Governor, who proceeded to inspect the Guard of Honour and give the Royal Salute, was Deputy Chief Secretary Donovan Ebanks.

The Colonial Police Long Service 25-year Clasps went to Chief Inspector, Patrick Beersingh; Sergeant, Dewey Ebanks, Constable, Trevor Miller; Sergeant, Michael Montaque; and Police Marine Division, Captain Hugh Charles Bush Jr.

Eighteen-year medals went to Sergeant, Doris Morris-Herrera and Sergeant, Robert Smith.

The Colonial Fire Brigades Long Service 30-year Clasps went to Station Officer, Harvey Chisholm; Senior Divisional Officer-Aerodrome, Craig McCoy; Station Officer, Milford McCoy; and Deputy Chief Fire Officer-Administration, Rosworth McLaughlin.

Twenty-five-year Clasps were awarded to Station Officer, Michael Ebanks and Sub Officers, George Hurlston and Garfield Ritch.

The Colonial Prison Long Service 25-year Clasp was awarded to Principal Officer, Harvard Gourzong; Deputy Director of Prisons, Daniel Greaves; Prison Officer, Leonard Jervis and Principal Officer, Percival Williams.

Eighteen-year-Medals were awarded to Prison Officers Carl Grant and Carley James.

Colonial Special Constabulary nine-year Medals were awarded to Special Sergeants, Vincent Davies, Christopher Duggan and Rodney Rivers, and Special Constables Pamela Watler and Festus Lawrence.


From left, gift certificate winners Craig McCoy and Doris Morris-Herrera, Marie Beatrice Taylor, and winners Rodney Rivers and Leonard Jervis.
Photos: Jewel Levy


Governor Duncan Taylor pins Pamela Watler’s nine-year medal.


  1. Why are these Colonial Long Service Medals not presented publicly at the Queens Birthday Parade? Why are they hidden away ?
    Perhaps because the Premier does not award them?

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