Armed robbers hit Countryside Pizza Hut

Royal Cayman Islands Police are searching for two masked men who robbed the Pizza Hut in Countryside Village Friday night.

At about 9.15 pm, the two suspects entered Pizza Hut. One of the men was armed with what appeared to be a handgun and the other with a machete, police said.

The robbers allegedly threatened staff with the weapons and demanded cash. They then made off from the scene with a sum of money and were last seen running towards the rear of the building.

No shots were fired and no one was injured in the incident.

Witnesses described the first robber as about 5’4″ with a skinny build, and wearing a dark long sleeved top and grey pant suit.

The second robber was about 5’7″ with a medium build and wore a long sleeved top and grey pants.

Both men had what were described as white masks covering their faces.

Detectives ask anyone who was in the Countryside Shopping Centre at the relevant time and saw anything suspicious to contact them. Information can be passed via the Bodden Town police station number  947-2220 or on the confidential Crime Stoppers tip-line 800-8477.


  1. At what point will Cayman realize that weak responses, failed investigations, light sentences, no experience dealing with violent felons and unarmed police make for easy pickings for armed robbers?

    Cayman should be hiring experienced police officers from the US and Canada who know how to handle weapons, are not afraid to run towards a gun fight, and have zero tolerance for hooliganism.

    Try it. The perpetrators will soon find it easier to head back to their home countries and leave Cayman to those who respect the rights of others and will work towards a greater community.

  2. and all these robberies in West Bay in the past few weeks, what were the heights of the suspects. 51, 54 and 57… guess one of them had homework last night and couldnt make it.

    This is so clearly, the same group. Hopefully RCIPS West Bay, George Town, East End all comparing notes.

    This is an unusual height for an adult or rather, three adults… or two, take your pick.

    So, if they are not adults then… and this narrows things down a little.

  3. IF THE INNOCENT PAID LESS FOR THE GUILTY, AND THE GUILTY PAID MORE FOR THEIR CRIMES; THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE. Harsh Laws in many non-human rights countries are rediculed, but truthfully this kind of disregard for personal property and hard working law abiding citizens must be dealt with without compassion. No amount of private security officers or city official police can deal with these criminals with a stick and a two way radio.

  4. Ah, the I want Human Rights but I dont want others to have them – attitude.
    You either have UNIVERSAL human rights or you dont have them. Choose the latter and say hello to Nazi Germany in the 1930s……….

    The Beachbum

  5. The staff should have responded with deadly force, and actually served them with some double-cheese, deep pan pizza.

    Could the police not set up a sting operation, and open a fast-food joint of there own, within days itll be hit by these criminal kingpins.

  6. All this crime and violent crime in CI begs for the authorities to increase the disincentives. The government should start thinking about doing something concrete about this before they lose all tourism. These folks should have harsh punishment or else their friends and younger siblings will follow in their steps.

  7. People need to be accountable for their actions. In Cayman, that doesnt happen. People love turning a blind-eye to crimes and not understanding the consequences, in the grander sceme of things. Ive mentioned this on a previous post, but the people of Cayman dont speak out against those they know are guilty of crimes. Every time someone has incriminating evidence of a crime and doesnt report it, is enabling that crime and future crimes.

    I agree the RCIPS is ill-equiped to do their intended job. The bigger problem is the general public allowing crimes to occur. In an island of 50,000, I am shocked at how many crimes are unresolved.

  8. Beachbum, what would you know about living in a 1940s germany?

    So your idea of utopia is to give everyone universal human rights.

    Well most people would not agree with you. When you act civilized and socialized, within society. Those people deserve universal human rights.

    Those that decide to break the law, and depending on the seriousness of the law broken. Have to have thier universal rights stripped away from them, depending on the seriousness of the crime.

    I for one, dont expect a murderer, rapist, ect. To be afforded every luxury as someone who follows the law. And if you agree with that. You cannot stand behind your universal rights theory.

    Basically, I feel. IF you rob a store with a gun, I have no idea why the news reports shots fired or not. Because as far as I am concerned. You rob with a gun, you forfeit your life. Gun fired or not. Normal people do not do this.
    There is no reason to do this act. And I truly wish the police had firearms in which to end these peoples lives. Want to set an example, dead is a great example of what happens when you do this crime.

  9. Hey Big Berd….I said the 1930s!

    Universal rights – if you want to understand these look back at the history of the good old US of A – The wonderful constitution and the Bill of Rights – and then see how many people DONT have these.

    You see, thats the problem: In your world rights are what YOU give people. They are in your gift and you give them according to your rules, your values. These arent UNIVERSAL. UNIVERSAL applies to everyone regardless of race, creed, etc. and include rights to a fair trial, equality of arms, etc.

    In my utopia, there are universal rights yes, but also universal responsibilities. You appear to fall down on both counts.

    The Beachbum

  10. Try it. The perpetrators will soon find it easier to head back to their home countries and leave Cayman to those who respect the rights of others and will work towards a greater community.

    Here we go again; no one has been arrested for this crime as yet but the concept that they have to be foreigners is already being promoted.

    Lets be totally honest here; there is only one nationality of foreigners that people who blame all of Caymans problems on are referring to.

    For politically correct reasons we will refrain from naming that nationality.

    I know Cayman well enough to know that most of these robberies are being committed and protected by Caymanians; the families and friends of these criminals are as responsible as the perpetrators themselves.

    There may very well be people committing these crimes who have one foreign-born parent, as the inter-marrying of Caymanians and foreign nationals has been an esteblished fact in Cayman for many years now but…

    These armed bandits, for the most part, have been born and raised in Cayman.

    The public needs to start demanding that the government and police change the rules on reporting the names of arrested suspects.

    I guarantee that this is one way of stemming the tide of these robberies because when names are published, these suspects friends, families and acquantancies will be exposed as well and there goes the main source of protection for these criminals.

  11. I cannot tell you how terribly chagrined I am by the comments of my friends outside Cayman about these regularly and apparently increasing reported criminal activities. It is no good my saying that Cayman was always and is a peaceful place: these reports deny it. People won’t visit such a place, whatever lovely pleasures it offers; especially families.
    What can be done? Is the Government stymied, powerless, bereft of ideas?

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