Traffic info for Agriculture Show

The following measures will be put in place between 7am and 5pm on Wednesday in the Lower Valley area to assist with traffic flow to and from the Agricultural Show.

Travelling east from Savannah, two lanes will be available for those heading east.

The left hand, eastbound lane is for those wishing to travel beyond the grounds and the right hand, eastbound lane is for those wishing to enter the grounds.

The westbound lane will function as normal.

Daniels Drive will be closed.

Armstrong Avenue will be used as the entrance to the Agricultural Grounds, one way only.

Agricola Drive will be used as the exit back to Shamrock Road, one way only.

Inspector Adrian Barnett of the Traffic Management Department said: ‘Motorists are asked to be extra cautious when travelling to the show or when passing through Lower Valley.

Some congestion is likely due to the popularity of the Agricultural Show and we would urge all road users to exercise caution and patience so that everyone has a safe and enjoyable day.”