Online Poll Majority want minimum wage

17.2 per cent of respondents say no

A large majority of the respondents to last week’s online poll think the Cayman Islands should have a minimum wage.

Of the 476 total respondents, 298 of them – 62.6 per cent – thought Cayman should have a minimum wage.

“I’m not in the minimum wage bracket, but this is part of a social structure,” said one person. “And no, I don’t have a domestic helper.”

“A minimum wage is for minimum wage earners (mostly domestic helpers),” said someone else. “I wish all persons would acknowledge that and then the second and third suggestions in the poll would not be needed.”

“Eight dollars an hour,” said another respondent. “We have bills to pay and children to feed.”

“Employers need to make a profit, otherwise what’s the point of investing in a business?” said another person. “Equally, employees deserve to earn at least a livable wage in return for their services. If the employer can’t afford to pay those who make the profit possible, then the employer has a faulty business plan in place. With a sound business plan, both the employer and the employee can make a good living. Minimum wage legislation won’t shut down business. Poor planning and employer greed will.”

“A minimum wage is providing a sound flooring for our most vulnerable workers,” said one respondent. “It’s a human right.”

The second largest segment of respondents – 82 people or 17.2 per cent – thought there shouldn’t be a minimum wage.

“Minimum wage causes unemployment,” said one person.

“This will only drive up the costs of doing business and the price of consumer goods,” said someone else.

“No way a minimum wage reduces unemployment,” said another person. “If anything, it will increase it.”

“Minimum wages don’t work,” one person said.

Sixty-five people (13.7 per cent) thought there should be a minimum wage only for certain kinds of jobs and 17 respondents (3.6 per cent) thought there should be a minimum wage only for Caymanians.

“But $5 per hour is a slap in the face to Caymanians,” said one person. “Only our imported labour from poor countries will benefit by this. They will make more and we will make less. More unwanted people and their culture.”

Fourteen people (2.9 per cent) answered “I don’t know” to the question.

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