Light Up The Night: Moonlight, music and glow sticks

Help raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research by taking part in a moonlit beach walk

There’s nothing quite so romantic or relaxing as a stroll on a moonlit beach, so why not indulge in a sandy seaside walk and raise money for breast cancer research at the same time?

On Saturday, 19 March, the first Light Up the Night Breast Cancer Beach Walk will be held on Seven Mile Beach, and organisers hope the event will bring out hundreds of walkers and joggers and anyone interested in helping to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research.

The two-mile walk promises to be an interesting one to watch as well, with participants wearing glow-in-the-dark T-shirts and carrying pink glow sticks, said Janet Jarchow of the Breast Cancer Foundation, which is organising the walk in conjunction with Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital, RE/MAX Cayman Islands, the Caymanian Compass and Lone Star.

“It’ll be good fun,” said Jarchow. “The beach will be all lit up with the walkers in their T-shirts and the glow sticks, as well as the moon.”

Organisers are also appealing to stratas and property owners along the route – from Lone Star Bar and Grill to the beachfront at Grand Cayman Beach Suites to Governor’s Beach and back – to turn on their exterior lights and light tiki torches to support the walkers.

James Bovell, director of the Breast Cancer Foundation, pointed out that breast cancer affects men as well as women, and he encouraged everyone to learn more about the disease.

Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital will provide free mammograms for 20 participants in the walk. “Chrissie Tomlinson is one of the main sponsors of the walk and they’ll hand out 20 mammograms for those in the right age group,” said Jarchow.

After the walk, there will be food, drink and music at Lone Star. Chuck and Barrie of Sea’n’B will provide live music all night and there will be drink and food specials on offer.

Those who want to take part in the walk can register online at either or or in person at Lone Star Bar and Grill on West Bay Road at 6.30pm on the evening of the walk, which begins from Lone Star at 7.15pm.

People can also register for the walk at the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital reception area on Thursday and Friday, 17 and 18 March.

Participants are requested to contribute $25 each. Each participant will be eligible to win random prizes.

For more information, contact The Breast Cancer Foundation on 949-4822 or visit