Soap opera politics

Ezzard Miller resigned as chairman of the Public Accounts
Committee on Friday.

In discussing his decision, Mr. Miller expressed his
frustration with the lack of attendance by the other four members at the
Committee’s monthly meetings.

We don’t blame Mr. Miller for his frustration, but by the
same token, the former Committee chairman seems a bit cavalier in his
expectancy of members to show up to meetings to which he doesn’t even give
notice. Mr. Miller’s argument is that the PAC meetings are scheduled for the
second Tuesday of every month and that the members shouldn’t need any other
notice, or apparently an agenda. 

Mr. Miller says he believes the Public Accounts Committee
is “one of the, if not the most important, committees established by
Parliament”.  Most other chairmen of
important committees in Cayman probably have the courtesy to send notices of
meetings to members to at least inform them of the topics they will be

Because members didn’t show up, Mr. Miller has essentially
thrown a tantrum and has done the political equivalent of taking his ball from
the playground and gone home. Instead of trying to find a resolution to the
problem, he has stopped the progress he says the PAC has made and let the
country down.

Of course, he’s done this with insinuation of possible
impropriety, saying words to the effect that he hopes the reason behind the
three United Democratic Party PAC members’ failure to attend recent meetings
doesn’t involve the avoidance of “serious scrutiny” of the current
administration’s spending. We certainly recognise politics when it is being

It seems Mr. Miller planned this situation to make a
publicity splash. Another news agency actually posted a long story about him
resigning before 8am the day he resigned, suggesting the story was written in
advance and posted at a time it could be discussed on morning talk radio, thus
becoming the political soap opera of the day.

Ultimately, it appears Mr. Miller quit on the country in
a calculated attempt for drama and one-upmanship over those who have certainly
become his political opponents.


  1. This is a rather puzzling editorial opinion.

    As far as the public is aware, the relevant facts are:

    1. The Public Accounts Committee (the PAC) is the committee set up by the Parliament (Legislative Assembly) of the Cayman Islands to oversee the audit process of the financial statements of the Cayman Islands Government.

    2. The Cayman Islands Government, collectively, is years behind on its legal reponsibilities to have accurate, audited financial statements to produce to the Parliament to be reviewed by the PAC for some of its departments and what has been produced by some has been deemed highly questionable in accuracy, by the countrys Auditor General.

    3. The United Kingdoms Coalition Government has made it very clear that these financial statements will be required for scrutiny by the UK, going forward, in any financial arrangments the Cayman Islands might need to make.

    Given these 3 unarguable facts, if the UDP Government members of this audit committee fails to attend to their responsibilities to help in the process of auditing their own partys government accounts, what logical conclusion would an objective, neutral observor come to ?

    Whether Ezzard Miller is playing politics or not, from any neutral viewpoint, it would appear that these UDP backbenchers on the PAC are stalling the process because their Premiere and government ministers have something to hide.

    It is probably the biggest mistake to have this PAC made up of members of the ruling party but this only worsens the case for the Cayman Islands should or when the United Kingdom begins to take a hard-line approach on the Cayman Islands producing verifiable financial records once and for all.

    By this measure, this position by Caycompass seems to be trivialising the entire matter down to local politicking.

  2. I have been listening and watching Ezzrads actions and I could not agree with the author more. Its been nothing more than watching a continual display of grand standing, while playing popular and divisive politics.

  3. If it was only Ezzard Millers statements and actions to go by, one could easily dismiss this as whatever political terminology one wishes but…

    Former Auditor general, Dan Duggeury and the current Auditor General, whose job it is to audit the CI Governments financial statements have gone on record publicly to state the current position.

    The UKs Minister for the OTs has recently called attention to the same problem.

    Are they all political grandstanding and telling lies on the CI Government ?

    Can anyone actually believe Premiere Bush when he makes statements on the state of Caymans financial and budget positions when there is no proof and has never really been any verifiable, audited financial statements on whether his claims are true or not ?

    If this was in a tax-system jurisdiction, whether government or private sector, the prison doors would have already clanged shut on some very high-level officials.

    This entire situation has the potential to be heading in only two directions…

    A Turks Caicos-style suspension of the Cayman Islands Government by the UK or…

    A decision on independence for the Cayman Islands being taken by the political clique now running Cayman, which includes both political parties.

    It is shocking that there is absolutely no public response from some of the most powerful private sector organizations like the Chamber of Commerce on this appalling situation.

    How long does the people of Cayman believe that this situation will be allowed to continue ?

    For anyone living in a tax jurisdiction, this is an inconceivable and impossible situation to comprehend or understand so the Cayman Islands should not be offended by its international reputation for dishonesty and shading dealings.

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