Coconut oil makes a comeback for healthy eating

As many old-time Caymanians will assure you, coconut oil is good for us and is the best oil for cooking.

For some time, coconut had been under fire as an unhealthy food, and like most things in the world of marketing and nutritional know-how, things change.

Coconuts and their oil are beneficial because they are plant based and, therefore, contain no cholesterol. Cholesterol comes from animal sources.

We must also keep in mind the school of thought that eating anything from the garden is beneficial, and coconuts are nature’s provision here in the Caribbean for many uses.

Coconut water is high in potassium, contains about 50 calories per 8oz glass and is reputed to ‘cleanse the kidneys and liver’, an effective detox agent in these days when detox is a major buzz word.

Coconut water might be added to your list for the morning-after regime after a night of cocktails.

Is canned coconut water OK? It lacks the vital components of fresh coconut water, and beware that many coconut water brands have additional sugar or preservatives added.

Lifestyles recommends buying pure coconut water from local sources or canned sources with nothing added. Label reading is important as many products claim to offer something that they do not.

Coconut oil is wonderful for cooking, and unlike other oils, it can be kept in the cupboard. Oils go rancid if not refrigerated.

Coconut oil can also be used on the skin as a moisturiser and on the hair as a conditioner.

Some years ago, I travelled to the Seychelles islands, (check your map, it’s in the deep south of the Indian Ocean) where they have 120 uses for coconut!

Maybe it’s time we began to appreciate more the value of a wonderful indigenous product right here in Cayman.

With growing interest in natural products and locally grown products, let’s see where the coconut fits in.

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