$50,000 offered for information about Anna

A Cayman Islands
company has independently offered a reward of up to $50,000 for information
leading to the whereabouts of missing George Town landfill worker Anna Evans.

Mrs. Evans vanished on 27
January, eight weeks ago, from her worksite. She has not been heard from since.
Her five children are staying with Anna’s sister Noreen Dixon.

“I don’t understand why
somebody does not come forward,” Ms Dixon said. “They just don’t want to talk.”

Dms Organization President Don Seymour said Wednesday afternoon that his company would be putting up
$50,000 on its own for information on the case. He said that money would be
offered as a reward for either helping find Anna or for information that leads
to an arrest in connection with her disappearance, if it does turn out to be a
criminal case.

have watched the family struggle for many weeks and appeal to the community at
large, and we want to do what we can to help and assure them that they are
valued and we what to help them during this difficult time,” Mr. Seymour said.
“We hope for a good outcome; but in the event that a crime has been committed,
than we want justice for the family.”

To date, Royal Cayman
Islands Police said they have no evidence of any crime in Mrs. Evans’
disappearance. Cayman Crime Stoppers has not offered any reward because its
charter does not allow it to offer rewards for information in missing persons

Mrs. Evans’ family has
raised about $5,000 in funds for a separate reward, but that is not being
offered as part of the dms initiative.

Please see more on this
story in Friday’s editions of the Caymanian Compass…


  1. And what is most disappointing is at the beach that Saturday morning all these Govt. people promising to do something including the Deputy Premier Julianna Oconnor Connolly and what has the Govt. done?? Yea, typical of our politicians, all mouth and no action!!

    If they made a donation to the reward fund well it must have been just a drop in the bucket. I know they haven’t because they didn’t put out a press release about it to make themselves look good so shame on the whole lot of you for making promises and weeks later, nothing!!

    Thanks DMS, and Don for the sizeable donation, it should not have to take money to make people speak about a crime in this country, but with the useless police force people are just scared to say anything these days for fear of being harmed, or don’t want to be relocated off island in a protection plan to keep from being killed.

    I can only wish that someone will come forward with the correct information and tell the truth.

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