Caribbean’s top lifters are here

Power-lifting has been pretty dormant in the Cayman Islands in recent years, but it gets a huge boost with the staging of the 2011 Caribbean Champions this week.

It runs from 24-26 March at King’s Sports Centre with around 60 international competitors competing.

They are lifting weights from 400lb to over 800lb in a single lift consisting of a squat, bench-press and dead lift.

The Cayman team of 11 is coached by Tony McInerney and they are optimistic they can do well.

The last Cayman team won six golds, two silvers and a team trophy at the Pan-American Power-Lifting Championships two years ago in Miami.

McInerney said: “Power-lifting is another outlet for teenagers. It’s an all-round sport which helps to enhance other sports that they may be involved in. It’s not only for competitive purposes but also for personal achievement including confidence building.”