Weighty decision

Losing weight, like marriage, is a commitment

At first, there is the decision to take the big step – will I, won’t I? Lose weight… get married.

Second is the question, is this the right choice for me? The food plan I wish to follow, the person I want to be with.

Then, once the decision is made to make the commitment, whether losing weight or getting married, comes the preparation.

While wedding planners focus on vows, colours, location, the guest list and many other important details, those making the commitment to lose weight research various methods of reducing, signing up for a programme or product.

Undermining common sense and wisdom, some opt to undergo extreme measures for weight loss, including low-calorie diets, pills, fads and the modern ‘warfare’ methods to win the battle.

As in marriage, so in weight loss – time and trial will bring about a certain wisdom and understanding of what works and what works best.

The day arrives to make the commitment, and with high hopes and anticipation for the happy ending, folks commit to marriage and to weight loss.

The honeymoon period begins with a dreamy sense of happily ever after… the weight seems to glide off without too much effort, little glitches are passed off as inconsequential and any ripple on the surface is swept away by the wonderful aura of expectation.

In the honeymoon phase, all things seem possible.

Eventually, as in marriage, weight-loss participants enter into the reality of day-to-day living and the fact that effort is required in order to continue losing weight.

The little slips that seemed to not add up to much during the honeymoon phase now need attention; those extra slivers of cake may now be making a difference.

As well, there may be a bubble burst when preconceived notions of smooth sailing are met with the cold reality of daily challenges. Maybe the weight does not fall off as quickly as anticipated; maybe your partner is showing little tendencies that you hadn’t seen before.

Just as with marriage, losing weight takes daily focus, care, intent and tender attention. Taking steps to minimise your distractions is important, as well as making the time to make things work.

As in commitment to marriage, becoming a finisher in weight loss brings completion. Are you contemplating making a decision to do something about your weight?

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