Letters to the Editor: Shelter’s book loft serves all ages

Whoever conceptualized the Humane Society book loft was thinking way ahead of their time. Visionaries I think those persons are called; thinking outside the box.

The book loft is 39-years-old and continues to function in an age that is largely considered a nonreading generation, or that the computer has led to the demise of paperbacks.

To think that one juror on the OJ Simpson trial could comment that she did not watch the evening news or read the daily newspaper except for the racing section is remarkable, yet despite these findings there are the seemingly silent minority that continues to support the loft and stimulate growth of this charity by their untiring contribution of books, magazines, puzzles and anything that’s redeemable.

Hard to find books or outdated publications can be acquired from this mantle of tranquillity for incredibly subsided prices. It’s the reader’s delight, an intellectual oasis if ever there was one; a quiet hide-out, the great escape into the world of fiction, autobiographies, nonfiction and countless genres of publications.

Well, where is this super place located? Five minute’s drive from the centre of town, at the intersection of North Sound Road and Sound Way.

What makes this place so significant for lovers of animals is the ultimate in pet care. The proceeds from the sale of books and paraphernalia go directly to the upkeep and maintenance of the animal shelter. With the exception of one full time staff member at the book loft, work there is largely volunteerism. There is a large turnover of books, sometimes necessitating large discounts to reduce the clutter and to cope with the demand for space.

Were it not for this ingenious creation, tons of books would probably end up at Mount Trashmore like similar items of worth, such as the millions of beer bottles that no one can systematically recycle. I have been told it is not cost effective to do so and that these bottles were made for export anyway. Duh! Will someone explain please?

The book loft is a fraternity, much like a college environment where like minded people meet. It is here one socialises with open minded persons, uninhibited by social qualms; unassuming and very liberal. So if this is the atmosphere you crave, then the book loft is for you.

The book loft principally encourages reading for all ages and offers a wide selection of topics. Interestingly, it’s not just locals that frequent this place, but even visitors on vacation meet at this comely habitat. The book loft is always seeking volunteers.

Christopher Sutherland