Brac’s Ms Essie celebrates 90

Brac resident Estrana Dilbert celebrated her 90th birthday on 11 March with some special guests.

The Watering Place resident is one of three surviving sisters out of a family of seven.

She still lives in her 1933 home with the help of a caretaker and can often be seen reading her Bible and listening to the radio.

Among the guests at her birthday party were MLA Moses Kirkconnell; Community Development Officer Annierose Scott, who also represented the So and Sew Club and the Cayman Brac Senior Citizens Club; Liz Walton of Cayman Brac Community Development Action Committee; East End Community Police Officer Mary Reece; a group of East End senior citizens who travelled to the Brac for the agriculture show; and Radio Cayman’s Paul “Spike” Dedrick.

They came together to help Ms Essie celebrate with food, gifts, flowers and songs and brought some birthday cheer at a small lunch-time gathering.

Ms Essie is grandmother to radio broadcaster Paulette Conolly-Bailey of Radio Cayman. “The family was very grateful for the thoughtfulness shown to my grandmother and appreciates the gestures of everyone who made her day a memorable one. My grandmother was very pleased and surprised,” Ms Conolly-Bailey said.

Mr. Kirkconnell said: “This was certainly a pleasure and a privilege to visit such a precious senior citizen, and on behalf of all the people of Cayman Brac, we wish her all the best and many more birthdays.”

A second gathering was held in the evening, hosted by her daughter Elmetha Conolly, for family and members of her church, with tributes, songs, more food and a cake, to accommodate those who had travelled from Grand Cayman but could not get there for the lunch-
time event.